Monday, 15 July 2013

#GetGoodSummer: Homemade Coasters

One of my #GetGoodSummer goals was to make three things from this book... always on the lookout for a new project, I was really excited to receive it as a gift when Heidi was in hospital. I had a flick through and found some things I'd like to try my hand at!

My lovely friend Cheryl celebrated her birthday yesterday, and it afforded the perfect opportunity to get a bit creative and have a go at something. After mulling over the pages, I decided to put together a little hamper for Cheryl with a bottle of Homemade Lemonade, some tumblers and some handmade coasters...

So I gathered together the necessary bits and bobs to make 8 coasters...
* 16 x fabric squares, 11cm x 11cm
* 16 x webbing squares 10cm x 10cm
* 8 x wadding squares 10cm x 10cm
* Sewing scissors
* Thread

Step One: Pin the fabric squares together, right side facing...

Step Two: Sew the squares, leaving a 2 inch gap in one side...

Step Three: Iron the webbing onto the back of the fabric squares and iron the wadding to them. Then turn inside out so that the right side is facing out and you have little square cushions...

Step Four: Iron the cushions. The webbing will cause the cushions to flatten down, turning them into coasters.

Step Five: Sew the gap closed and voila... you have some lovely coasters!

Then I wrapped them all up, ready to give to Cheryl!

Why don't you have a go?? It was a really fun, quick and easy project, and made a lovely present... I hope Cheryl liked it too!

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  1. What an amazingly thoughtful gift. You're doing so well with #getgoodsummer x


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