Thursday, 11 July 2013

Night night, sleep tight...

Yesterday we set up Heidi's little cot in the girls room... My baby girl is outgrowing her Moses basket! How quickly these 4 months have gone!

Bedtime has always been a military style operation in our house... Milk, bedtime story, teeth brushed, songs then sleep. 7pm we disappear up the stairs with the girls and they don't reappear until the morning (we hope!) Having this set routine has helped our girls to know what to expect... Of course, Ava sometimes complains about going to bed, but she's never put up a fight. She knows its a losing battle. As for us, having the routine has meant we know the girls will be settled and quiet by 8pm and we have the evening to get work done, or just relax. It's been a lifesaver when you have two lively little girls hanging off you all day!

Both in cots... my babies are growing up *sob*

On Monday, this article was published by the BBC. It makes for fascinating reading... its to be expected, I suppose. The link between poorer mental performance and lax bed times has long been suspected, and it seems that they have now found the evidence to be conclusive. Tired children do not make good learners; children with no routine do not make good learners. Its a truth I've experienced both in- and outside of the classroom.

Start Quote

Establishing a good bedtime routine early in childhood is probably best, but it's never too late”

Study author Prof Sacker

So you see, getting these Bubbas into a good routine really is all perks... yes, its hard work at the beginning... yes, training your baby to go off to sleep independently, insisting they go to bed on your terms and not theirs, putting them to bed at the same time every night, even if it means you have to sacrifice your plans - all of these things are temporarily tiring and testing and difficult, but boy, are they worth it. On every level, routine is worth it. I'm convinced.

What do you think? Is establishing a routine early the way forward? Is there room to be flexible? Have you found something else to work? I'm intrigued to know - please share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Bath, cuddle, feed and read, pray, down. Keep same familiar routine by the grace of God lol

  2. Is harder as they get older as they then have clubs etc. but defo good to keep to or as near to the same time each night x

  3. How early is early? What age did you start this with Heidi? Does she sleep right through from 8pm or do you wake her for a late feed? Trying to gather as much wisdom as possible from more experienced mums at the mo...

    1. Hmmm... We started a nighttime routine with Ava around one month old... just making it up as we went along really. By 4 months she was going down at 7, I would dream feed her at 10.30 and she slept through til 7ish. With Heidi, I put her down at 7 from day 1 and she's coped fine with it. Both our girls have been good sleepers, which def helps! Heidi now sleeps through from 7pm-6am without a feed (although the last few nights she's been waking at 5.30am and wanting to stay awake... think she's gearing up for solids!) I am a definite advocate of the late night feed, and of having a set time "first feed" of the day. For us thats 7am. So if Heidi wakes at 5.30am wanting food, I'll feed her, and then feed her again at 7am, regardless of if she's looking for it or not... that way her daytime routine doesnt get messed up! Any help?!! Its very much try it and find what works. Really recommend a book called "Babywise" if you havent read it...

  4. Start earlier.....less stressful.....

  5. Thanks for your thoughts Claire! :-)


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