Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Riding the waves...

Yesterday, we returned to the place where so many of our tears have fallen. It was strange to walk the streets of South Kensington again. Like returning to a strange dream... so familiar, and yet almost eerie in its strangeness. I spent most of that dark week ward-bound; the streets were simply a view out of the window, and here we were walking in the heat with those little chubby legs kicking away happily, oblivious to the reason we were going.

Six weeks ago we returned and received good news, and we have lived the past five weeks riding that wave of joy... Heidi's Kawasaki disease had left her body, the damage done to her coronary arteries was extensive, but they had seen a marked improvement and she was able to move onto a lower dose medication.

The thing is, everytime time we return, there is a new wave to take, a new wave to ride, and in the run-up to that wave, we never know what kind of wave it is. Will it be rough and rocky, hurtling us back into the stormy waters, or smooth and strong, leading us into calmer waters? That's scary. Each time, I know I need to give my fear and anxiety to God, trusting him that he will give us the strength and equipment to ride the wave, regardless of where it takes us.

And so we returned... a weigh in, obs, and ECG, another silent Echo and then to the Doctor. 2 hours of waiting and we walked through that door to find out the prognosis...

"It's good news," she said "It's improving!"

My heart sang as I asked my 20,000 questions, trying to understand how far, how much... what did it mean?

"Two of her arteries are now back to normal..."


"... and the 3rd is still dilated but has made some improvement"

Oh... I wanted to laugh, cry, sing... instead I just talked, my questions tumbling out, probably in a torrent of nonsense, until Dave reminded me I had written them down and perhaps I should read them off the paper (no doubt a very gentle hint that I was making no sense!)

Her left anterior and right coronary artery are now back to around 1.7mm and her circumflex artery is sitting at around 3.5mm, so it is still double what it should be. There is a slight improvement, but not significant. Of course, our prayer is that this artery would follow the others in deflating...

For now, we rejoice. Another easier wave to ride than the horrendous storm we found ourselves caught up in only 2 months ago. Our baby girl has come such a long way, and we are so very grateful.

We return in 6 months for another Echo and check-up, and we have been given the go ahead to travel this summer.

Praise God. He is so very good. In the peaks and the valleys. He is faithful.


  1. Soooooo glad to hear the good news!!!!
    Well done, little Heidi!

    xxx Catrin

  2. Praise God! I'm continuing to pray for you all. Praying not only will God physically heal her but spiritually too and the same for Ava. Thank you for your inspiring blog. God bless you all xXx

  3. This is wonderful news, so glad for you to be coming out the other side of this scary season.

  4. This is great news, so glad to hear that you are coming out to the other side of this scary season

  5. Ah Claire this is such wonderful news! I was choking back the happy tears reading this :) I am going to share it on my 'Friday Favourites' tomorrow. Is that okay? x


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