Friday, 23 August 2013

Fun at the Folk Museum!

We had one very happy and excited two year old yesterday...


Yes! It was Ava M's birthday!


My favourite places to visit in Northern Ireland are the folk museums... On my tenth birthday, the family headed to the American Folk Museum, which follows the story of emigration from Ireland to America, so when asked what Ava and I would like to do for our birthdays, the choice was simple. We'd head to the Ulster Folk Museum!


It was so much fun! 

We were transported back 100 years and our little two year old loved it! She played with a hundred year old toy pram, pottered in and out of 1900s homes, bought chocolate mice in the old school sweet shop and sat in the judges seat, condemning us all to imprisonment! She chased chickens, visited pigs, sat on an old bicycle and sang in the old church!


The Ulster Folk Museum is a collection of old houses, churches, schoolrooms, farms, halls and shops that have been brought together from all over Northern Ireland. The park is laid out as a 1900s town and countryside. In the town you can go to the old picture house, visit the blacksmiths, the bank, the school, the church, the sweet shop, the post office, the dress makers... You name it! We wandered over cobbled streets, stopped for drinks in the tea house and were wowed by the comparative grandeur of the Bank Manager's House!

You then begin to leave the town and the cobbled streets turn to dust lanes surrounded by beautiful countryside. As you walk along, you may pass a little cottage or farmhouse that you can pop into. Sometimes you might meet the residents who would tell you what life was like there. Sometimes they are cooking or baking and may share a yummy treat or two!

It was a fascinating trip, and everything a little girl could want: hands on activities, animals and freedom to roam. It totally impressed me as well... The history lover in me was in her element and we enjoyed the park so much, we didn't even get a chance to look into the Transport Museum which is attached!


So if you're ever in Northern Ireland and looking for a grand day out, this ones for all ages and walks of life.

Here's one little girl who had a whale of a time...

Not to mention the pizza and birthday cake that followed!







  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Ava :) Caterpillar cake never fails to please! Looks like she had a great day out x

  2. Aww happy birthday for yesterday Ava! It looks like she had a brilliant day x

  3. Happy Birthday Ava, looks like a lovely trip to the folk museum.

  4. Aww Happy 2nd Birthday Ava, seems like a fab day was had.


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