Monday, 26 August 2013

#GetGoodSummer Linky Party: Week 8

We're back... and oh my! I need to report my utter disaster FAILURE of a week! I have done nothing. Yes, that's right - nothing towards my #GetGoodSummer goals. I have done next to no exercise (unless you can count crawling across a boat in a sea storm - more on that here!), I have not done anything creative or crafty (I didn't even bake my daughter's birthday cake this year!), I haven't read much of my Bible (no excuses there)... I guess the only thing I can say is that I've taken lots of photos... so Heidi's scrapbook will have something to go in it at least.

Oh, the shame!

So, folks, I need your encouragement; your "Come on Claire... only 1 week to go!", or "You've been doing so well, don't give up now!"... something along those lines, please.

Secretly, I'm allowing myself the excuse that this week we've had two birthdays and a major family wedding; surely you gotta cut me some slack, right?!

Anyhows... hoping you've been slightly more successful than me!

So how's it going? Link up your progress in the linky party below and pop to a couple of other blogs and give them some encouragement... it really does make all the difference!
If you aren't a blogger, just post your progress in the comments section and check back later... I try to reply to all the comments made!

The epitomy of utter failure...
Over and out!


  1. I'm encouraged by your openness about failure - I haven't achieved many of my summer goals either. It is our failures that remind us of our need for grace and God's help. X

  2. I'm with you Claire not really achieved much this week BUT we have decorated a young mans room which was not on my list! And this week is not looking much better . Will try and at least keep up my reading if I can. As school gets closer my priorities change......

  3. Your goal is to serve the Lord each day and rest in Him and all the others things will follow what ever comes!Greetings with 1thess5v16-18. God bless you all. x

  4. I've been really struggling too. Will have done something with all of them by the end of next week tho so it is a partial success x

  5. Ha! My face is the same as yours this week. Not a lot of success but still a good week. Full update coming soon!

  6. Oh stop it with the sad face!!! You have done a wonderful job - cut yourself some slack and be proud of the wonderful mummy you are. So what if you didn't do some of the things you wanted to - you have had some wonderful family celebrations :) x

  7. You've done really well this summer, Claire! We all need a break from 'doing' things and remember that we are human 'beings' (as my husband often reminds me!) Enjoy putting the photos together for Heidi's scrapbook and then you can tick that one off, as well :) Thanks so much for encouraging the rest of us this summer! I mostly completed my 4 things and am now enjoying a week away with Andy and George (the dog) before the madness of a new school year starts again! Take care xx

  8. It might surprise you to hear that I've actually Ben doing really well, I've just had no time to blog about it :( Got a mammoth post brewing in my head for our last week. Come on Claire! X


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