Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Six months!

My baby girl! You are so grown up! 6 months already!

I am SO happy to be writing this post. Only a few months ago, I was afraid we would never see this day... but now you are thriving! Yes, you have one damaged artery left... one war wound... one sign of what has been... but we are praying and hoping that this last artery will follow the others and return to normal. We are so very proud of you for all you have had to put up with in your little life, and SO very grateful to God for every precious day we have with you. Life is sweeter when you nearly lost it.

You are our little ball of sunshine... you smile and gurgle your way through life, charming everyone around you. You barely ever cry and are so patient with your big sister's enthusiastic and, at times, "in your face" affection! She adores you; you are such a loved little girl.

The start of September always feels like a new start (that's the teacher in me) and, as I sat in church on Sunday, I reflected on this past year... how blessed we are! I could never have known last September all the anguish, and heartache and tears that would be shed this year. It has been the darkest year of my life... and yet, in some ways, it has been one of the most beautiful. Amidst the hard graft, the rocky surfaces and deep mines, there has been gold dust. God has proved, beyond what I ever could have imagined, that he is steadfast, faithful, trustworthy and totally there for us. I sat there and thought, I should be feeling hard done by... angry... and yet all I feel is blessed. Because we have you here... because I know God is utterly faithful... because our little family is tighter knitted because of what we've been through... because our church has supported us incredibly and walked this dark road with us... because we have friends who love you and pray for you every day. What more could a Mama want?

You are so special, little Heidi. Mama and Papa love you OH so very much...


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  1. She is a beautiful girl and living proof of what a great God we have! x


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