Thursday, 17 October 2013

An Autumn Disaster! Savouring the Season Linky party 5!

We have been up to all sorts of autumny bits and bobs this week! I raided my old Kindergarten resources and unearthed this cute interactive harvest story. We had great fun with our rabbit and mouse puppets, and Ava enjoyed helping them find all the harvest goodies dotted around the lounge!

We then played a describing game; this is something Ava's just getting the hang of, so I gave her opposites to choose from (eg is it hard/soft? hot/cold? long/short? round/pointy?) We had a lot of fun!

We learnt how the little dormouse gathered up all his autumn treats, ready for hibernation!

Finally we played "Kimspiel"... You know, the game where you have some objects under a cover and you take one away and she has to remember...?

Well it was useless! Every time I took something away, she said the banana was missing. I think she was trying to be funny as Mama got increasingly red-face frustrated (cue steam coming out of ears!) There was no banana in the first place! Grrr...!

Finally, when I boiled it down to just four objects she managed it. Ha! A case of aiming too high, methinks!!

So things were already going a little pear-shaped when I decided I'd rustle up a gorgeous post bout some apple and cinnamon muffins. I didn't have a recipe, so just decided I'd adapt a banana and cinnamon muffin recipe. It all looked so beautiful...

... Until I got them out of the oven and took a bite!


Beautiful on the outside, but apple gloop on the inside!

Needless to say, I wont be sharing that recipe! They made for pretty photos though!

So link up your autumn posts, grab a button below, and go share some comment love!

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  1. Love that we both had similar baking disasters. Thank you so much for the invitations to join your blog hop recently, today I'm finally able to join in :)

    1. Oh dear! Another friend said that she had a muffin baking disaster too - seems its been nobodies week! Thanks for linking!

  2. What a lovely post with beautiful photos! Shame the muffins didn't work out for you. I've linked up, thank you for the invite =D ktbtw x

  3. A harvest story with puppets sounds like a great idea.
    Shame about the muffins, but they do look nice x


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