Thursday, 28 November 2013

3 days to go... Savouring the Season Linky Party 11

Well, we waved goodbye to autumn last week and its hello winter this week! We are wrapping up warm and loving these dark evenings. There is something lovely about being all cosy inside. I have been getting well and truly into festive seasonal mode this week... Already we have...

* Taken the girls to "The Christmas Journey"
* Been up to London's Norwegian Christmas Market
* Started my Christmas shopping
* Been involved in running a Scandinavian Christmas Craft evening.

All have been super-duper fun! I know, it's early. But I couldn't resist. This week I broke my golden rule of waiting until December 1st and pulled out the christmas music and storybooks... I even pulled down all my autumn decorations and whipped out the stuff for advent. Don't worry... I didn't go full blown Christmas yet. That would be taking it a step too far!!

After the madness of the start of the week (I think I'll need a month to recover from Monday alone!), we have been moseying about the house getting ready for Advent. I adore the run up to Christmas, and this past couple of years I loved thinking about how we make it meaningful for our girlies. We've started some really lovely traditions, and I'm excited to get going on them again.

This years Advent Mantel... I will put up nice photos soon. This is a late night phone jobby... apologies to all you photographers out there for whom the quality of this picture is offensive!!

So... Let the winter season commence... I'm after your activities, crafts, recipes, traditions, outings, experiences, bucket lists, "How-to"s... Anything and everything winter and christmas related. Please link up! Then please have a little look round other people's post and let's share some festive fun!!

If you aren't a blogger, why not share what wintery activities you've been up to in the comments box? I'd love to hear from you!

Next week I'll update the button to look a little more festive, for now... please use the one below!

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy already. I love your mantel :)

  2. did u make that on monday?? I want one is there any stuff left Emelie Clark x

  3. Have found one the boys did last year to link up - haven't added your badge or bloghop code yet - but if you let me know when you've got your new badge will get it on there (just got home from a few days away so just trying to catch up quickly for now so hope that's ok).xxx

  4. just found our ice marbles too - they're a good one to do on a cold frosty day


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