Friday, 29 November 2013

Stopping the clock...

Well, that's the weekend plans up the creek, as yesterday, this happened...

Conjunctivitis!!! (This photo was taken after some serious gunk clearance!)
She is being so good about it. I literally had to prize her eye open after her nap yesterday afternoon. She hates the eyedrops, but "plays Doctor" and lies there squinting, but trying desperately to hold her eye open for me while I put them in. She cries afterwards and I feel like a bad Mama; every two hours and we have to "play Doctor" again.

Last night I put the girls to bed on my own; David had Parents Evening. I put Ava to bed and then went through to our room to feed Heidi. I could hear rustling outside my door, but didn't want to go and look for fear of disturbing Heidi from her feed. The rustling went quiet and I assumed Ava must have gone back to bed. 25 minutes later, I opened my bedroom door to find her sitting on the landing on a box in her PJs, cuddling her dolly and waiting for me.

I couldn't be cross with her.

Moments like these make me thankful to be a Mama. There are many moments in the day where I feel close to pulling my hair out when I'm saying something for the upteenth time, or when Heidi's tired and grouchy, or Ava's being defiant. But then I have these little magic moments and I remember to be thankful and appreciate. Stop the clock and savour the moment.

Because I know in the blink of an eye, my babies will be grown up and moved out and these moments will just be memories.

So, even in the midst of conjunctivitis;

thank you, Lord, for the blessing of motherhood.

The last time Ava had conjunctivitis - exactly the age Heidi is now!


  1. Aw, look how cute she was, even with conjunctivitis! Bless you, always looking for the silver lining in every cloud :) You're so right though, they really do grow up in the blink of an eye (pardon the pun!) x

  2. I can remember when David had conjunctivitis about the same age as Ava is now. When we asked him what he had in his eyes he loved saying con-junc--ti-vi-tes!!!

  3. Bless you, what a wonderful little girl you have there - and how cute that she sat and waited for you :) Children are such a blessing. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. Oh it makes a mummy's heart ache with love these precious moments. Thank you for sharing as you've brought back some lovely memories I have of mine xx

  5. Ah, Bless! I remember when our girls were that age they frequently had conjunctivitis - miserable! Helen

  6. Oh, the poor wee thing, but you're right that even in these, not so fun moments, there is nothing more special than being a mum xx #OrdinaryMoments

  7. hope the conjunctivitis clears up quickly xxx

  8. A blessing indeed, I hope she is back to normal very soon. Mich x

  9. ah it is horrible...but you seem to be making the most of it!! hope she is well soon x

  10. What a beautiful post. And so true, even on the tough days you have to remember just how lucky we are. This post has made me want to go upstairs and hug my girls. Thank you. x


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