Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Little Playmates...

One of my favourite things is to watch our two little ladies getting along together. Heidi is growing up so fast, and Ava's loving being able to play with her now. Poor Heidi gets bossed around no end, but she doesn't seem to mind.

Not yet, anyway!

I'm so glad they're hitting this stage right as the winter heads in. Much more cooped up in the house time and all that. At least now they'll have each other to keep them amused.

Of course, its not all roses and rainbows. Heidi isn't always the most willing parcipitant in Ava's games, and Ava just can't understand why Heidi doesn't just do as she's told (although why she can't understand this is beyond me - she seems to have no problem understanding it when its me asking her to do something!)

Little playmates. As Miranda's mother would put it; "Such fun!"

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