Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Social Networking and All That Jazz...

I am officially rubbish at keeping up with all this social networking malarkey. I am renowned for being awful at responding to text messages, I never have my phone on me, and my tweeting is sporadic at best. Facebook is just about the only social networking forum I seem to be able to just about cope with.

One day last week I decided enough was enough and I was going to become a Social Networking Busy Bee. I tweeted a fair bit. I engaged with other people's twitter accounts. I posted my blog on my Facebook page (it normally does it automatically) and my twitter account, I entered a load of other linkys and then spent time looking at and commenting on other people's entries. I got involved in a lot of Facebook conversations. And you know what? By lunchtime, I realised I pretty much hadn't talked to the girls much that day. I mean, I talked, but I wasn't there... I wasn't present.

I wasn't noticing the moments that normally make my day because I was too busy with my head stuck in an electronic device.

So I'm holding my hands up and surrendering. I KNOW its blog etiquette to re-tweet and comment and give +K and all that to people who give it to you. I know some amazing bloggers who respond to every comment they get on their blog. I am in awe of you. I've just realised that I can't. And that's OK.

Because I love blogging. I love writing. I love the fact that people seem to find our little corner of London interesting enough to read about. I get a buzz from every single comment you leave.

But I can't be a super-blogger, because right now, that isn't my priority. Its not my job. Its not the reason I'm at home every day. These two little blue-eyed, blonde-haired bundles of fun are, and while a morning amusing each other while Mama had a morning of madness and had her head stuck in a laptop isn't going to do them serious long term damage, that morning on repeat day after day could do.

So there you have it. I may be an official failure when it comes to social networking, but for now, I think that needs to be the way it is round here. I only get to enjoy these little years once... but please know, even if I don't reply, I am so encouraged and blessed by the comments you do leave, and they are much appreciated.

As for the Forums? I've finally got around to setting up a Facebook Page for this blog. So if you'd like to follow the blog, just click below and LIKE it, and every entry will automatically fall into your News Feed without you, or I, being torn away from what we need to be doing at that moment!

Clarina's Contemplations Facebook Page


PS - We have a WINNER!

Thanks to all of you who entered the HiPP Organic Competition. Your entries were entered into a random name picker ( and the winner is...

* Drumroll please *

Congratulations Becky! Please message me your address and HiPP Organic will send you your Baby Treat Hamper in no time at all!

Here you go...


  1. You're forgiven! I utterly agree with you, some days I don't have the time or energy for social media, which I seem to have been sucked into since becoming a blogger. You often comment on my blog though and I appreciate that :)

  2. Yes! I totally agree with you - I can't keep up either. Sometimes blogging seems so commercial. I love getting free stuff from my blog but the pressure to keep up with commenting and social media sucks the joy out of it. I'd rather be really living life than just tweeting about it!

  3. If you want to feel the strength in numbers thing - I am rubbish at it too. I try to answer all the comments, but it sometimes takes me a week to get to them. I try to be really into all the social blogging scene, but really between my kids, my house, my husband, my offline relationships and everything else - I am always behind... I am also in awe of the people who seems to be able to do it all, but had to sadly admit I am not one of them.
    I think you are right about setting your own priority and what is more important to you at this point in life. Good luck :)


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