Wednesday, 22 January 2014

First Haircut...

Last week was a momentous occasion in our house...

Our Ava M had her first hair cut!!

Yes, I know... She's nearly 2 and a half... Her hair has taken a little while to grow. Ava was a baldy baby (unlike her sister!) and we've only just hit the point where it's starting to look a bit interesting when left to its own devices. My lovely friend Lizzi who cuts my hair, came and gave Ava's a little trim...

She was good as gold!

I have kept her first little curl, sellotaped up and put in a little box. My first baby girl's baby hair. She is growing up so quickly and some days I start to get a bit wobbly when I realise she is off to nursery school in September. I am SO not ready to let her go yet. She's still that baby girl who grabbed my heart and gave me the name "Mama"... 

So I'm just taking every milestone nice and slow. Breathing it in, savouring it, storing it up in my memory. Enjoying these little years.


  1. She looks like a good hairdresser ;)

  2. Time goes too quickly! Can't believe my youngest starts secondary school this year :( xx

  3. How cute our dear Ava is. And she was able to sit still, good girl. love bestemor x x x

  4. Ahh, Meg was a baldy baby too :) She didn't get her first haircut until last year!! She still doesn't really have enough hair to justify it. How exciting that Ava is going to nursery in's a big step!

  5. The concentration on her wee face! x

  6. Very timely post - Evie had her first haircut this morning :-) More milestones...


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