Thursday, 23 January 2014

Our Winter Wonderland...

I love to decorate to the season. It's a little habit I picked up in my Austrian years and its one that's stuck. I love the fact that my home moves with the seasons. Each season brings something a little bit different; a different reason to be thankful, a different aspect of this beautiful, broken world to celebrate.

These winter months are the time to celebrate icey beauty. The world should be silent in icey sunshine and covered in a frosty layer... it may not be yet, but I'm told its coming...

Instead the sun is shining and it feels almost springtime. Apparently the animals are out, fooled by the sunshine - hibernation over. I feel sad to think that any snow that comes will be devastating for them.

Soon I'll whip out all my spring colours - greens and yellows and pinks - ready for the changing season. For now, I'm just savouring this little piece of winter wonderland that is our home and finding daily reason to give thanks to the Season-giver. My lovely friend Cheryl made this for us for Christmas - it is a wonderful daily reminder.

So time to share your winter wonderland adventures, recipes, activities, crafts and photographs. How are you savouring the wintery world that will soon be gone for another year?

The rules are the same as always; just link up and go take a look at a couple of others and drop them a comment to let them know you've stopped by... the more the merrier!

Happy Winter from this little patch of Wonderland!

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