Monday, 20 January 2014

Just a little bit TOO loved...

Sometimes there's a little bit TOO much love in this house flying around for one particularly little lady...

It all starts so nicely...

... and then starts to go a little bit wrong...

... as big sis gets a little too affectionate...

... but Heidi's starting to fight back...she's mastered the art of hair pulling and screeching...

... watch out, Ava, it won't be long til she'll give you a real run for your money!


  1. Haha this made me chuckle as it is very much like the situations that happen in our house at the moment! LL is just starting to make herself known that she will fight back if the situation arises. ;) x

  2. Oh dear! I remember this stage well. I also remember Meg's look of horror the first time Eli outran her!!

  3. Oh well... That's what little sisters have to put up with ;-)
    It seems Ava loves my apron... Does she ever take it off?
    Xxx from Austria

  4. awww there is nothing like seeing the bond between sisters develop though!! i love it

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  5. totally the same at our house. The Boy wants nothing more than to hug and squish his little sister all day long, which usually ends up in bumped heads or near-suffocation. She now just starts to screech and cry whenever he comes near her, which is a little bit sad.

  6. what sweeties, funny how young they learn to fight back! These patients getting rowdy only trying to check your heart beat she says!

  7. So adorable! I can't wait for my little ones to play and fight together once baby is here :) Truly magical bonding moments x


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