Friday, 17 January 2014

They Love, We Love: January 2014

Our Heidi; 10 months old...
She loves...
* Feely books
* Cuddles
* Crawling
* Putting her feet on the table
* Saying "Ahhh-MEN!" in the middle of prayers
* Eating playdough

Miss Ava M; 2 years, 4 months...
She loves...
* Princesses
* Apples
* Puzzles
* The Sound of Music soundtrack
* Bath time
* Her Papa
* Petterson and Findus

He loves...
* Cafetiere coffee
* School holidays
* Derby County's winning streak
* Oat and raisin cookies
* Time with his girls
* Tidying
 * Ken Gire's "Moments with the Saviour"

She loves...
* Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
* Reading good blogs
* Her camera
* Yankee Candles
* "Through the Bible, through the Year" by John Stott
* Snuggles with her girls
* Decaf tea
* Bananagrams


  1. Oh they're just such lovely girls - I'm glad it isn't just mine that eat the play dough too!

  2. I'm really intrigued by the John Stott book now and will definitely look into it. Our (just turned) three year old takes great delight in saying Amen too whenever we're saying our prayers.


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