Thursday 30 January 2014

Outdoor Winter Fun: Savouring the Season Linky Party 19

One of my all-time favourite outdoor activities with Ava is playing with street-chalk... its dirt cheap, hours of fun, and washes itself away. You can't go wrong! On Monday mornings, I normally tackle all my cleaning, but the sun was shining for the first time in weeks and one little girl was gagging to get outdoors.

So we donned out winterwear and hit the drive. Ava has a beautiful tricycle that was handed down from some friends of ours, and she's working on her pedalling technique. Our back garden is pretty much all grass, and learning to pedal on grass is no fun. So, instead, we hit the front drive for some educational play. We practiced pedalling, learnt the signals on the traffic lights, worked on parking and generally had a whale of a time while baby sister slept peacefully upstairs...

It was a great opportunity to talk about road safety; thinking about being aware of other traffic users, talking about obeying traffic lights, paying attention and keeping to the right side of the street. Great conversations to be having with a little girl who's trying to exercise her independence in the great outdoors; pretty scary when you live in suburban London.

She enjoyed parking all three of her "vehicles" in the car park...

Generally, it was just good to get out and have the sun shining down on us. We sat on the front step just chatting for a while; me and my big girl. I still find it mind-blowing that I can have a full on conversation with this little person. She's a great little friend.

Of course, we did have a few crashes too... and Baby Annabel had to join us for the ride...

So if you're after a quick half hour outdoor activity - one that can be arranged last minute between showers - then street-chalk and a tricycle are the answer... think of all the wonderful worlds you can create!

What winter fun have you been having this week? Link up your seasonal posts - activities, adventures, recipes, photographs, arts and crafts... anything goes, as long as its an opportunity to "Savour the Season".

Please make sure you go and comment on a couple of other posts too. Linky parties are all about sharing some comment love, and we all like a good bit of winter inspiration... I think this time of year is particularly hard work, so the more, the merrier!

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  1. Brought back memories of my childhood and hopscotch on the street .

  2. Ahhh... hopscotch. think we'll be there in another year! Street chalk is FAB! So many opportunities for imaginative play!

  3. Thats a fab idea, so much fun. Will have to give it a go with mine.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun! I keep meaning to buy some chalk but it's always seems to be raining so I'm not sure when we'd use it!!

  5. As you say, quick, easy and cheap for some great outdoor imaginative play! Lovely happy photos of your little girl having a great time in the winter sun. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  6. That is such a great idea! Will have to try that some time! x

  7. awww what a really fantastic idea! i love the fact the drive was turned into a road :-)

  8. I love the idea of chalking out a road and some obstacles for a little one and especially at this time of year there is always a rain shower close by and then the chalk is gone. #countrykids


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