Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A tube strike, torrential rain and a two year old... Oh HELP!


I am the Scottie Dog from the Monopoly board game, and tomorrow my Mama and I are heading up to London to carry a baton around 7 Monopoly destinations as we play #Honkopoly to raise money for Sport Relief.

I am very excited about the fact there is only one sleep left, and I am really looking forward to going on the train, and wearing my Scottie Dog outfit.

My Mama isn't quite so enthralled.

You see, there's a tube strike, and torrential rain, and she doesn't think I've quite grasped the concept that I'm therefore basically going to be buggy bound for 5 hours.

So maybe you could encourage her a little? So far, Mama and I have raised £180.00 and we'd love to make it £250.00... Even just £1 is worth it...

Please sponsor us here.

Thank you SO MUCH! It will make a big difference to all the children who don't have much food, or who don't have mummies and daddies. That's what I keep telling my Mama when she gets that look of dread on her face!

A BIG thank you to all of you who have sponsored us already!

Love from,

Ava xxx


  1. Have a great day Ava. And everyone else of course x

  2. Recipe for disaster wasnt it but it was far from that and you lot smashed it. HONKOPOLY was epic.


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