Monday, 3 February 2014

Please Look After This Baby... A Paddington Bear Baby Shower!

My lovely friend Kate is expecting her first baby in a few weeks, and last week a load of her friends got together to throw her a baby shower she wouldn't forget.

Kate is a big Paddington Bear fan, so the theme was a no-brainer...

We had great fun creating a fun, friendly theme and the main organisers (Katherine, Cheryl and Holly) pulled off a sterling job!

The Decorations

Red, yellow and blue were the theme colours (obviously!) and were present in little touches everywhere. Paddington was there, surrounded by a couple of activities for people to get involved in on arrival... the typical "Guess the Baby" date, weight, gender and name, and another little label for people to write their top tips and midnight motivations for Kate to look at in those early hour feeds...

And a giant baggage label; "Please look after this Baby" (Paddington themed) welcoming the little one into the world!

The Table

The girls had done an amazing job on the table. So cute! Paddington was everywhere, the theme colours were weaved throughout the food, much of which was themed...


All the food was YUM as well, of course... the only thing that was missing was Marmalade Sandwiches!

The Games

Under strict instructions that nothing too "embarrassing" was to take place, the girls did a great job of coming up with fun games for everyone to get involved in...

There was the "Who's more likely to..." game - insert appropriate phrase... my favourites were "forget the baby", "drop the baby" and "change the name at the last minute." Everyone had been handed signs with the Mother and Father's names on them... all good fun (as you can see!)

 We had all been asked to bring in a baby picture of ourselves, and Kate's next challenge was to correctly guess all the babies. It was a tough job, but she absolutely aced it - much to our disappointment!

 It was a fabulous afternoon... well done to the three organisers; you are stars. And Kate, we look forward to meeting your little one in the not too distant future... eeek!


  1. Ooh this is fab! What a clever idea on a theme. It looks like it was a great shower. x

  2. It's a pretty awesome idea! Thank's for sharing, it's really helpful!:)


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