Monday, 10 February 2014

Sisters: Play time!

One of my favourite things to do is to watch these little ones play together.

They are such good little friends.

Most of the time.

Some days we have bundling and swiping and pushing...

But for the most part, they are best buddies and find each other hilarious.

  I so hope it stays that way.

"Sisters are..

clothes borrowers

fit throwers

cover stealers

secret keepers

an enemy, a friend,

a conversation without end,

sassy, bossy, silly, fussy

pretty and sweet

tea parties with treats

dress up, mess up, fess up, get punished,

fights over nothing, sharer of dreams

a headache, a pain, she gets spoiled again,

a princess, a brat, she ruined my hat,

I love her, I miss her, I tease her, I kiss her,

she is my family and that means more to me

what would I do without her?  

- Hannah Hausler -

dear beautiful


  1. I love these photos, so natural and capture so much - and that poem is lovely too. I wish I'd had a sister x

  2. I love the cheeky look of mischief on your daughter's face and then the killing herself laughing!

  3. Oh I love your photos! You can just see how much they love each other. I love the quote too! x

  4. Your photos really capture how much fun they are having together - it's so lovely when they play together, I'm just starting to experience this with my two.

  5. What fantastic photos! #MagicMoments

  6. What a beautiful post, I have two girls, I hope they feel this way about one another...:

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

  7. Such beautiful photos and they really do look like best of friends #MagicMoments

  8. Oh I hope our boys push through the swiping and wrestling stage! We have more of that than the nice moments at the moment! I wonder if it's because the are boys?!!!! xx

  9. awwww this is so so beautiful! and such amazing photos their smiles say it all x

    thanks for linking up with #Magicmoments

  10. So true about sisters! Lovely photos. They look like they are having a great time together.

  11. Oh these photos are lovely. So natural and they look so incredibly happy in one another company. Thanks for linking up to Siblings. x

  12. Aww such lovely pictures of them together xx

  13. Gorgeous photos, and I love the poem too xx

  14. Adorable pics and I love the poem, I've never heard it before now.

  15. Lovely photo's & fab poem xx

  16. Aww how cute. Look like they could get up to all sorts of trouble together.


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