Thursday, 13 February 2014

Winter Olympics Bento Babies... Savouring the Season Linky Party 21

Its the Winter Olympics! And we are BIG fans here... whether its the skiing, snowboarding, bobsleighing or figure-skating, we're pretty much on it. Even Ava can sporadically be found with her feet shoulder width apart, standing side on and rocking backwards and forwards with the occasional "jump" thrown in... "I'm snowboarding Mama... look!"

Anyhow, I started my Bento Babies adventure a while back and I've been a bit lax on it lately. The thinking behind it is that if food is presented creatively, children will eat anything... and I have SO found this to be true. Thanks to Bento, my girly is now a regular celery, olive and salad eating munchkin. Not bad going...

I am not an every-day Bento-er... One, I don't have the time to spend 20 minutes making each lunch every day; two, I think its important that kids will eat and not turn their nose up at "normal" food too, and 3, I'm just not quite that level of creative!

So here's what the girls had for their Bento Babies Winter Olympic themed lunch on Sunday... and yes, they did devour the entire box between them (with a bit of help from Ava's little friend Lucy!)

Bobsleighs: Celery with cream cheese and little raisin people!
We are of course supporting Norway and Great Britain - Norway slightly dominating at the moment!!
Every Olympian needs to be fueled with energy: some baby plum tomatoes and grapes might do the trick!
A few cheerios anyone?

Thank you to my lovely friend Catrin for the fabulous food stamp letters... they are being well used, though I've discovered they aren't so cheese friendly!!


As I said, not a crumb left... why don't you give it a go?!?

Anyone else getting into the Olympic spirit?

This weeks #SavouringtheSeason is all about highlighting your Olympic/Valentines/Wintery fun... in all this crazy weather, we all need a little inspiration...

So join up your seasonal posts below - and lets savour the season together!

Please do go round and comment on other blogs when you are linking up... I have gained some fabulously creative ideas from the inspiration of this Linky... its worth having a nose around!

Over and Out!

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  1. Aww loving the Olympic theme and that food does look very tasty! We've had real problems with fussy eating but we are coming out the other side thankfully! I love the winter olympics too, and Monkey's tumbletots had a winter olympics theme this week which was great fun! :) Xx

  2. What a brilliant idea, I love the Olympic rings :) That letter stamp looks good too, might have to try and get one. I can think of lots of uses for it already!

  3. What an absolutely brilliant idea, I love the theme and the little details you have gone too! x

  4. I'm so impressed! Brilliant idea x

  5. This is amazing! So much thought and effort put into it and they obviously appreciated it! :)

  6. This is absolutely amazing!!!!! I am so happy you love Bento as much as I do, I must do another link up for Bento Babies! xxx

  7. love the olympic themed bento! especially the bobsleighs xxx

  8. So pleased you have linked up to #BentoBabies! Inspired xx

  9. I love this bento! The celery bobsleighs have got to be my favourite bit - so much fun! Pleased to have found your blog through the #BentoBabies link-up! :-)


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