Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Project Playhouse: The Big Reveal!

After a week and a half of building, hammering, painting, nailing and sewing, our playhouse is finally finished! I was working to a deadline... Heidi's first birthday... and so have spent much of the last week painting, come rain or shine (thankfully more shine than rain!) in every available moment (nap time could find me charging down the garden full pelt to squeeze as much into my hour-and-a-half child-free slot as possible!) Yesterday morning, while the early morning dew was still wet on the grass, two little girls were carried into the cold of the garden in their PJs, coats and hats to find a little playhouse, all ready for them.

I barely saw Ava for the next 5 hours!

Two thrilled little girls made this labour of love utterly worth it. Both sets of Grandparents and all Uncles and Aunts chipped in to make this a beautiful little home for two little ladies and their dollies.

So here you have it... the big reveal!

Make yourselves at home; and the girls might even make you a hot cup of tea and a slice of cake!

Welcome to our Hytte!
Ready to keep it spick and span!

Little birds overlook the dining table...
... while Mitch has a snooze!
Cooking up a storm!
Cup of tea, anyone?
What's on the menu today?

Girly catch up over coffee
and lots... and lots... of giggles!
All in all, two happy girls who are thrilled with their little home!

Here's to many happy spring and summer hours spent inside!

BIG thanks to all contributors (you know who you are!!)

- Playhouse = Mad Dash Log Cabin from Garden Buildings Direct -
- Play Kitchen, Table and Chairs, Dolls Bed, Frames, Artififial Flower Pot = IKEA -
- Blinds and Tablecloth = Homemade - 

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  1. This is AMAZING Claire...what a clever family you have to do all of this! I can't imagine anything more exciting as a child, Ava and Heidi must be in heaven! Enjoy! xxx

  2. This is AMAZING! I have been waiting to see what it looks like and it certainly does not disappoint. This certainly beats our weather-beaten plastic wendy house hollow. This has inspired me to see if I can make it a bit more like a home. Also pleased to see you have raided IKEA. :)

  3. Hey claire, really like reading your blog. Makes me smile! How amazing it would have been to have had a little house like this to play in when we were little, playing in our gardens in the summer! They will love it so much. Also I did manage to nominate your blog for awards-hope you win! Lots of love kirsten xxxx

  4. Hey claire, love reading your blog to see what you're upto! Makes me very happy seeing all your pictures and reading all your news. Very pleased that Heidi seems to be feeling a lot better atm. Also I love the little house, its amazing, would of loved to have had one growing up!! Your girls will rly enjoy it. I also managed to nominate your blog, really hope you win some awards.
    lots of love from bournemouth! Kirsten x x x x x x

  5. Awww that's lovely! X

  6. It's a beautiful house for 2 beautiful girls. Love it

  7. Lovely Claire. We have loads of pics of our two in our playhouse in Epsom and here. They loved it! You will get years of use out of that.

  8. Lisa Potter-Coyne5 March 2014 at 22:28

    OMG!!! When can i move in?!!? Well done guys its awesome xx

  9. I've been dying to see your little playhouse all week Claire, just never found the right time to stop by - it's beautiful and the girls look very happy in their new home :)


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