Monday 3 March 2014

Rainbow Party Fun as Heidi Turns One!

On Saturday, we celebrated a very special party for our very special girly!

We chose the rainbow theme, because of its significance, but also because its just a bright, cheery, happy, colourful inspiration for any first birthday party!

We had  rainbow cake...

... and rainbow bunting...

... homemade rainbow playdough favours (instead of party bags)...

... and rainbow marshmallow pops... (inspired by my lovely friend Catrin!)
 (I've done a quick tutorial on how to make them here)

...Rainbow fruit kebabs...

... just all things bright and beautiful!

We had Sunshine Sandwiches, Cloud corn (popcorn) and a Rainbow vegetable platter too...

All the colours of the rainbow!

All the children dressed in rainbow colours...

... while little Heidi got ready to eat her first piece of cake...

... a rainbow cake, of course!

We had a fantastic time celebrating with Heidi's little friends and their families.

Now to get ready for the big day tomorrow...

Our Heidi's going to be one!!!

Our baby's growing up!


  1. Aww happy birthday Heidi! Looks like such a lovely party - LOVE the rainbow theme! Just gorgeous :) #magicmoments

  2. Wow! Happy birthday to your 1 year old! What an amazing cake and I especially love the marshmellows!! #MagicMoments

  3. Great party! Happy Birthday little Heidi. x

  4. awww honey, I am sending massive massive happy birthday wishes to Heidi my lovely :-)

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  5. What a brilliant theme for a party - love it. I adore Heidi's dress too :)


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