Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring has Sprung! Savouring the Season Linky Party 26

Does anyone else find that when the sun shines, you just feel so much happier?!

This past week, I have been walking around drinking in the sunshine, the warmth, the cloudless skies! Isn't it just wonderful?

However frustrating/endless/constant those months of rain seemed, I am so very grateful for them! They have made me appreciate this patch of sun so much more!

We have been making the most of this early spring weather and enjoying the garden. Soaking in the sunshine, sniffing the early blooms, playing in the playhouse. Two happy girlies just toddling around exploring, investigating and playing make-believe.

The garden is a whole new wonderland for Heidi. We spent a lot of last spring in hospital, and she was tiny, so this is really her first opportunity to stamp on soil, eat grass and explore snail shells.

I am having to watch her like a hawk.

The garden is NOT in a good state right now. My pots have been totally pummeled by the endless rain and a long winter, and the tree is still looking pretty skeletal...  all our garden furniture and decorations were stored safely away from all the gale-force winds, so the garden looks a little bare and lifeless.

But its wonderful to see that slowly but surely, signs of spring life are beginning to emerge. Daffodils reach out amidst scrawny, lifeless shrubs and the Camellias are in full bloom. They are beautiful and remain, every year, my favourite garden gift.

 Of course, these two girls head pretty much straight for the playhouse the minute the back door is open. There are always meals to cook, babies to put to bed and windows to clean...

So we are loving the great outdoors... what are you enjoying as spring sets in?

Link up your springtime posts below and lets get #SavouringtheSeason together!

Please make sure you go round and comment on other people's links. There is some great inspiration to be had!

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  1. lovely pictures and a great springtime post. Thnaks for sharing #savouringtheseason

  2. yay! Time for a bit of time in the garden. I love your playhouse, I bet they enjoy it in there :)

  3. Oh look at those beautiful garden photos, it is so lovely to see lots of photos of everyone out in the garden and enjoying themselves. I was getting seriously fed up of winter so I am really pleased that Spring is on the way! x

  4. I'm much the same when the sun starts shining, it makes everything so much better and you can't help but walk around with a smile. Lovely to see your little ones out enjoying the garden and the sunshine :) x

  5. I agree, as soon as the sun is shinning it starts the day off so well! Spring is such a lovely season with all the new life and plants making an appearance, the girls look like they are having a great time rediscovering their playhouse. Thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely photos with Country Kids.


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