Friday, 21 March 2014

The day we hit the Country Living Fair!

A little while ago, my lovely Mum asked if the girls and I would like to accompany her on a trip to the County Living Spring Fair in London. We had gone together, with my sister, three years ago when I was pregnant with Ava and had a wonderful time. The opportunity was too good to resist.

Of course, it was only afterwards that it dawned on me that a trip with a two-year-old and a one-year-old in tow, might be a slightly different kettle of fish!

With Ava, at least, I could chat it all through in advance. Showing her the leaflet, and talking with her about all the prettiness of spring.


By ten o'clock yesterday morning, we were ready to roll!

The Fair was packed from floor to ceiling with stalls selling all manner of hand-crafted and vintage goods - homeware, soap-stalls, garden stands, antique sellers, vintage clothing, beautiful woodware, quilters, framers, artists... You name it, they were there.

We spent the first half hour, trying to figure out the best way to juggle with the combination of the girls and a single buggy. I'm not going to lie and pretend I wasn't wondering why we had bothered coming, but after a bit of manoeuvring around, we put Ava in the buggy and Heidi in the baby bjorn and there was happiness all round. Ava sat and played with her McDonalds toy, and Heidi took in her surroundings, pointing at everything and "ooh"ing and "wow"ing!

We learnt how to make a bird cake, how to set up a bug hotel and moseyed round the stalls at our leisure. A few purchases were made... Another pretty suitcase to add to Ava's collection, a pretty springtime plate (see above), a very cute owl print, and a beautiful handmade felt crown for birthday celebrations. I was tempted by a lot more, but at some point, you have to be sensible and realise you can't buy it an entire conference centre, however pretty everything is!

There were perhaps less homeware stalls than last time, which are always my favourites, but there was still a wonderful variety and everything was, as it always is, just so pretty and springlike.

I am so ready for this season!

  All in all we had a lovely time and returned home with two happy shoppers, and two exhausted girls. It was a lovely day out and I'm so glad we did it...

But I'm also so glad it's the weekend tomorrow!


**I was not sponsored or given any incentive to write this post. The opinions are all mine.**

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