Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ava says...

This little lady keeps us highly amused these days!

Here are just some of the things she's come out with these past few days...!

While doing a puzzle with Papa...
"Papa... you've just got to THINK a bit!"

Ava: I'm really grumpy
Mama: Why are you grumpy Ava?
Ava: Because I just love you so much!

Ava: I'm nearly two! (Holds up two fingers)
Mama: No, Ava, you ARE two!
Ava: How old are you Mama?
Mama: I'm 28
Ava: Can you show me?
Mama: Holds up ten fingers twice, plus another eight...
Ava: Wow, Mama! You're OLD!!!

Singing "Can you feel the love tonight?"
Ava at the top of her lungs: "It's enough to make King's and Megapoms (Vagabonds!)"

Ava: When I'm three, I can go to school because I'm big enough... (Look of concern comes over her face) Mama... When will you be small enough to go to school?

Ava to Heidi: Oh Heidi... You're such a shwubsy-bubs! You're just my best friend!

After pushing Heidi...
Mama: Why did you push Heidi?
Ava: I don't know!
Mama: Did you want to hurt Heidi?
Ava: Yes!
Mama: Why?
Ava: Because I'm mean!

Oh joy!

One day, when she's older, I'll whip these out and have a good laugh with her! :-)


  1. ...Because I'm mean!

    ... Love it!! So looking forward to May!

    Xxx Catrin

  2. Brilliant! 2 is such a fun age!

  3. Ahh! Lovely to have all this written down because you so easily forget xxx

  4. So which language did she say these things in? Was it actually English, or have you translated for us from German? (This is always one of my issues with my kids' funny sayings, do I translate them, or put them up in all their bilingual language soupy glory and put translations in brackets)


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