Monday, 31 March 2014

They love, We love: March 2014

Our Heidi - 12 months
She loves...
* Dancing - head bopping and wiggling her bum
* First birthday parties!
* Singing - with one hand in the air!
* Eating - daffodils, soil, grass, leftover food in her bib... you name it!

 Our Ava - 2 years, 7 months
She loves...

* Disney films (that's her TV face above! Little Mermaid and Lion King are the current faves!)
* Smothering her baby sister with love
* Milly Molly Mandy books
* Bedtime cuddles

He loves -
* Friday night football
* Endless cups of tea
* Jamming with the band
* Coming home for dinner with his girls

She loves - 
* Catch-ups with uni friends
* Being reminded over and over of God's faithfulness
* Mr Selfridge on ITV - so sad that it's over!
* Taking photos


  1. Loved mr selfridge too - I have season one on DVD if you want to borrow it. X

  2. You've certainly embraced the photography thing Claire - your photos are fab these days! You girls are pretty gorgeous too and Milly Molly Mandy was an absolutely favourite of mine as a child :) x

  3. I love milly-molly-mandy!!!!

  4. Oh I'm with Ava (and Suzanne) - Milly Molly Mandy is awesome, especially the baked potatoes around the fire story - fond memories from when I was tiny!

  5. Oh I'm with Ava (and Suzanne) - I love Milly Molly Mandy, especially the story with the baked potatoes around the fire, fond childhood memories!


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