Wednesday, 23 April 2014

They love, We love: April 2014

Our Heidi - 13 months
She loves... 
* Taking steps all by herself (eeek!)
* Her shoes (which she calls her "hew")
* Standing up in her highchair with her arms in the air (which she's not allowed to do!)
* Trying to destroy the wicks on Mama's candles
* Cuddles with her big sister

Our Ava - 2 years, 8 months
* Finding the letter "A" everywhere!
* Singing "Super-Saviour" with actions
* Messing around at bedtime
* Looking after her "babies"
* Colouring in (not just scribbles all over the page any more!)

He loves -
"The Muskateers" on catch-up
Don Carson on Jeremiah at Word Alive
Coming home to a tidy house!
Beef and Onion Pie
Friday night football

She loves -
BBC drama, "The Crimson Field"
"For the Love of God" by Don Carson
"This is amazing grace"
Watching my girlies friendship blossom


  1. Beautiful idea for a lovely status sum up :)

  2. What gorgeous photos and what a lovely idea to write down what they are loving each month. x

  3. Everyone sounds very happy indeed! My Kitty is really into finding her letter right now - it's amazing how many places she spots it!


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