Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Bluebell Hunt...

Sunshine. Woodland. Time with family. Beautiful views. Little girl giggles.

It's the traditional way to spend a national holiday, and that we did. Savouring our last weekend of being together, of not getting up at the crack of dawn, of flexible routines and days that stretch out with no plans.

After church on Friday morning, soaking in the beautiful truth of the cross, we packed the girls into the car and joined my family in heading off to a little village not far from us for lunch, a walk in the woods and a hunt for the bluebells...

 Finally we found them!

The bluebells were beautiful. But what really melted my heart was this moment. Ava was on my back, and Heidi was in the rucksack on Dave's back, when my brother captured these shots. What warmed my heart most was that, for once, the affection was instigated by Heidi. Every time Ava let go, Heidi would reach out that chubby hand until Ava's was back there.

Yesterday I had some "pulling my hair out" Mama-moments. As I looked through these pictures last night, I realised that however crazy these little ladies can drive me sometimes, its moments like these that make those hard spots fade away.

The Easter holidays have come to an end, and while this bunch of girlies are feeling somewhat forlorn this morning that Papa is back at work, we are thankful for a fabulous two weeks of being together, soaking ourselves in the gospel, and enjoying the sunshine.

Back to reality now!


  1. Which village is this?

  2. Ahhhh when they hold hands it melts my heart - Kit and Ozzy do it in the back of the car sometimes and it just brings a tear to my eye!

  3. Oh so beautiful - I know where our nearest bluebells are, and I know that they're out but it just keeps on raining whenever we have a chance to go in search of them!

  4. Sibling love is so heartwarming. Esp on a cold gloomy day like today =) #countrykids

  5. Sibling love - a beautiful sight! Gorgeous bluebells and a chance to be out in the sunshine and have some quality family time - lovely. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.


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