Thursday, 22 May 2014

It's Summer Time! Savouring the Season: Linky Party 32

On Monday this week, the sun was blazing, the girls were in the garden, and I did what I always do at the first hint of a new season.

I pulled down all our spring decor and boxed it up, tramped it down the garden to my craft room, put it on its shelf and grabbed the big box on the shelf labelled "Summer."

I know, probably wishful thinking. But the sun was shining, and I figure even if the glorious weather doesn't last, we can at least bring a little bit of summer loving indoors.

For me, summer is sandy toes and sea-shells, water, beach and holiday mode. We may not even have hit half term, but I'm already dreaming of nearly a month in Norway in the summer. Fjordside. Paddling. Row-row-row your boating and midnight BBQs while the sun blazes down.

I bought that little sign last year, because I thought it was cute and summery, and after I bought it, I had another look and wondered maybe if I actually totally disagree with the message behind it. Life's a beach? All life is a holiday? Carefree? Well, certainly not this past year... 

And then I got to thinking that maybe it is right after all. Because a beach isn't just a beach in summer holiday mode. It takes the hits of heavy waves, gets flooded, gets all its soft summery sand washed away and replaced with gritty, salty, soaking sea sand that needs those long summer days to roast it out. 

We've been on a beach in winter mode this past year, but as summer rolls round again, I'm reminded that there are seasons in life, just as there are seasons in the year. And God designed it that way... the hard, rocky wavy times help us cherish and love the summer ripples better. And that actually in the rocks and waves, you learn to appreciate the lifeboat a lot more. And there is beauty in admiring the majesty of the ocean in its thundering might.

Just as we have learned (and continue to learn) to marvel at the one who has held us through this 

So maybe life is a bit like a beach after all.

Anyone else loving these first signs of summer?

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How have you been Savouring the Season this week??

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  1. Ah, yes, the sun has been shining and it's great. I always love seeing your seasonal shelf.

  2. Lovely writing! I often descripe my life as fjords and Mountains and I like how much you get out of the Beach!

  3. I suspect your sign was meant in the nice sunny sandy way, but if you've ever had the chance to see a beach through the seasons what you say is absolutely true - beaches take some pounding through the winter; the sand or shingle is washed away, and then brought back and thrown up again, but underneath it all, despite all of the crazy shifting sand, is a nice solid rock - I think it's rather an apt sign!!

  4. Couldn't agree more Claire..very apt reading this today! Xx

  5. What a stunning post Claire, in every way. Your photography is coming on beautifully! I found this post so soothing and entirely agree with you about the contrast of the 'seasons'. xx


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