Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Spring Sunshine Days...

Golden sunshine days. Aren't they just wonderful? After our trip to Austria, we have been soaking up some home time these past two days. Pottering, catching up on the cleaning and enjoying the garden.

Now that Heidi's walking, its just lovely to let them scurry on out there and play away while I work in the kitchen. I still have to keep an eye, things can get a little rough and tumble at times, but more recently Heidi's been letting us know that she can hold her own.

Pinning down her big sister on the trampoline, for example...

For the most part, they play really nicely together... of course they have their sibling tiffs, but I love seeing the fun the have together, the way Heidi looks up to her big sister, and the way Ava cares for her little one.

I dashed out into the garden yesterday, camera in hand, when I saw Ava walking Heidi down to the Hytte, holding her hand. Such a sweet moment, and I was too late really... I caught some shots right at the end... but it warmed my heart to see her looking after her little sister. She's having to adjust to Heidi now having opinions of her own, and that's hard for a two and a half year old. Some days are better than others, but yesterday was a good day.

Once they were inside, Heidi was handed the menu, and Ava headed straight for the kitchen!

Served up her sister an ice-cold lemonade...


and then fed her some kind of delicious concoction.

Happy girlies, enjoying each others company, and soaking up the sunshine.

What more can a Mama ask for?


  1. How lovely granddaughters! I wish I was there!

  2. Can't wait to seem them in a few weeks!!x

  3. Good for Heidi! She sounds so like my Elma in some ways; another little girl who really knows her own mind!

  4. That playhouse is the most awesome ever! YOur daughters are the sweetest too =) #CountryKids

  5. Such wonderful play for sisters who are the best of friends too! Lovely photos of your girls enjoying each others company, thanks for linking up and sharing their fun with Country Kids.


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