Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My little climber...

I'm having to  keep a firm eye on this little lady at the moment...

She's a serious climber!

Yesterday, I was cleaning some dishes away in the kitchen, when I heard the stair gate creak. Realising Ava must have left it open when she came downstairs from the bathroom, I walked out into the hallway to find no sign of my Heidi girl.

I climbed the stairs to hear her chuckling and gurgling away to herself and discovered her in the bathroom...

She had climbed the entire flight of stairs, maneuvered a step over to the sink, climbed on to it and was batting at the tap, attempting a stealth hand-washing session.

This past month she has also mastered the art of climbing up onto her big sisters stool at the table, standing up in her own high chair (which scares the living daylights out of me every time), pulling the cushion off the armchair seat and clambering up to look out the window... and more.

Goodness knows where her climbing antics will take her next!


  1. Love it! Dominic is such a climbs too! Could climb ladders of bunk beds before he could walk! X

  2. Bless her. She will probably only climb if she feels confident. My youngest climbed almost before he could walk. I know the fear well.

  3. My eldest was a climber. It's very stressful isn't it?! At 14, she's still incredibly active and hardly ever sits still! Makes for a very determined character - good luck ;) x

  4. Everest?! I love how completely pleased she looks with all her climbing too!


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