Monday 30 June 2014

Me and Mine: June

We were a bit late with our Me and Mine photo this month... the end of June has crept up on us in a flurry of sunny days and garden play. And so I planned to take my photo on Saturday, a plan which was scuppoured by the endless downpour; and so all hopes were pinned on Sunday.

Cloudy but sunny. A day spent with family. An Onkel and Tante who know how to spoil their nieces rotten... a day spent in BBQing, football playing, trampoline jumping, board game competing, tennis playing fun.

Just about the perfect Sunday afternoon then.

So here we are; another month has been and gone, and summer (we hope) is well and truly here.

This month we are thankful for...
New words
No chicken pox
Excitement about school
Blogging buddies
Lots and lots of houseguests who have enriched our lives
Visitors from Norway 
And always, always the good news of Jesus...


  1. Replies
    1. It was a bit of a rushed attempt, but happy with how it turned out!!

  2. Gorgeous photo. Sounds like it was taken on a perfect Sunday afternoon too :)

    1. I am the BIGGEST fan of lazy Sunday afternoons! And I'm ALWAYS up for a board game! :-)

  3. Lovely photo, these months are so busy in the summer, I am not complaining I do love spending time out in the sunshine

  4. Love love love this photo. So chilled and happy, hardly surprising after such a perfect family summer day.
    It was lovely to meet you at BritMums, and thank-you so much for your kind words about Me and Mine, it makes me so proud seeing people's photos every month. x

  5. Aww what a lovely photo (and I'm glad it wasn't just me cutting it down to the wire this month!) It sounds like the perfect Sunday to balance out a rainy wet Saturday!

  6. A beautiful family picture, I love your 'thankful's' too :) #MeandMine

  7. A really lovely photo - and yay for now chicken pox!

  8. No chicken pox - hooray! Yes I hope we have a long and glorious summer too. Lovely photo xxx


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