Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Everything a Child Should Know...

We are always huge fans of discovering and reviewing new books, and one of the things I am constantly on the look-out for are really good, rich, gospel-centred, accessible children's books.

Which is why I was totally over-the-moon excited when the Good Book Company asked us to review one of the newest children's books they are stocking called "Everything a Child Should Know About God" by Kenneth N. Taylor.

"Everything a Child Should Know About God" is literally bible doctrine for children. Presented in a clear, concise and accessible way, the book's purpose is to teach children key doctrines about the character of God through a short explanations accompanied by fun and eye-catching illustrations. The book is laid out like a devotional; one double spread page per day - one side contains a short explanation (accessible for children as little as 16 months - Heidi will testify to that) and a simple question, and the other side containing a beautiful illustration.
On the day we received the book, we opened it at the table after dinner to read one "devotional" and ended up reading nine. I know that's not the idea, but Ava (our 2 year old) was absolutely loving it, and didn't want to stop reading. Since then, we have been opening up this book after dinner and it has led to the deepest spiritual conversations we have had yet... we had a great conversation the other night about how we both make mistakes, and like to have things our own way, but how God is perfect and holy and doesn't make mistakes... right off the back of this book. Great conversations to be having with your two-year-old!

Themes covered in the book include; "We read the Bible to learn about God", "God knows Everything", "God is One", "We All have Sin in our Hearts", "Jesus is God's Son", "The Holy Spirit Helps Us" and "What is the Church?" amongst many, many others!

Before I fill you in on the details, I can honestly say this is one of the best books we have come across for toddlers and young children (recommended up to age 8)... both from our perspective, and from Ava's too, who has literally lapped it up... and before you go any further, I can genuinely, genuinely say I highly recommend it and I am already set to grab a copy for my goddaughter!

You can click here and order your copy right now!

Wouldn't it just make a fabulous birth/christening/dedication/birthday/just-because present for a little person in your life?!

Here are the details!

Title: Everything a Child Should Know About God
Author: Kenneth N. Taylor
Price: £9.99 (although there's a deal at Good Book Company at the mo for £7.49!)
Publisher:10 Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-909611-62-7
Format: Hardback

Disclosure: We were given a copy of "Everything a Child Should Know About God" for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 


  1. Sounds fab, very tempted to purchase! x

  2. We got bought it as a thanksgiving gift for Sophie and our friend Jen is the illustrator. So excited about reading it with our little girl!


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