Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lessons in time...

It seems that as I get older, time goes quicker... anybody else feel like that? I remember as a kid, the summer holidays stretched before me like an eternity... rainy afternoons seemed to drag on forever... and the school day? It never seemed to end...

And yet these days I feel like life is one big whirlwind. I mean, it is busy... but I also think there is just something about time that makes it speed up as the years go on.

I can't believe it is almost 9 years since I stepped off that plane onto Austrian soil. It was my first year of real adventure... entering the real unknown... I knew no-one - new culture, new language, new friends.

But real friends, and ones who have been through thick and thin with us.

One special girly from my life in Austria has been visiting us this week. She is no longer the two-year-old I read bedtime stories to, no longer the cheeky little three year old running around and singing at the top of her lungs, no longer the blond-pigtailed girl trying to convince me adamently that the difference between sheep and goats is that sheep have ears and goats don't, no longer my little blue-eyed flower girl who wore her satin shoes and walked the yellow-brick aisle with me.

She's grown up. And somehow, realising that this week has just cemented this whole time thing.

It's so lovely to realise that our relationship has changed. That that little girl who I in many ways mothered has become a real friend. One I can sit on the sofa with as we stuff our faces with popcorn and watch the Harry Potter films marathon style; one I can have a giggle with as we paint our nails rainbow colours; one I can scream my head off alongside as we crawl over the hill of a rollercoaster and are suddenly flying down one almighty drop.

So I suppose I just wanted to say; Kaya - I'm so glad you're here this week and I'm thankful to God that he put you in my life. Love you girly. xx


  1. This is so lovely Claire! I am certain that Kaya will feel exactly the same about you. I think it's so important to have older role models in life and I imagine you would be a fabulous one :) Gorgeous post x

  2. Aww she was a cute flower girl and a beautiful young lady; it sounds like you're having a great week catching up!

  3. Time definitely moves much faster than it used to. I've just had a similar experience with one of my wife's Australian/Canadian cousins, who in my mind's eye is still the two-year old toddler I first saw at our wedding but is now a 19-year-old young woman spending her summer working on conservation projects and having adventures all across Europe. It makes me wonder how much I have changed in other people's eyes over that same period too.

  4. Ahh isn't it lovely growing up with the kids and seeing how they develop, I feel like this with my niece, who was my bridesmaid at age 5 and is now 17. Mich x


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