Thursday, 3 July 2014

Get Good Summer: Week One!

Well, week one has been and gone... And how did we all get on?! It's been so lovely seeing the buzz around #GetGoodSummer on the twitter feed and on Instagram and seeing how you're all getting on!

I for one have had a pretty good first week, though I feel like I don't have a lot to show for it!

My photo wall and children's clothes are the two goals that have yet remained untouched, although quite excitingly today I am heading into town to pick up some nice material, so at least I can get cracking on that one. And the photo wall is a project I know I'll enjoy, so I'm tempted to leave that for a bit until my enthusiasm for #GetGoodSummer is waning and I need a bit of a kick to get me going again!

So here goes... This is what I've been up to!

Organise a Safari 3rd Birthday Party for Ava
So I have been truly pin happy this week, and if you're a really keen bean and fancy a sneak preview into what I'm planning, then you can check out my Party Pinterest board here. I have been scouring Amazon for Safari balloons and animal duct tape, and have started collecting loo rolls (have I got you intrigued yet?!) Next week, project party invitation will be underway!

Half an hour exercise every day
OK... So I have done this... If you count power walking and cycling and barn dancing (seriously exhausting stuff) ... But my aim is to do a bit more proper exercise... Really, I want to fjord-swim again... There's nothing quite like wading into those icey waters for that feeling of adrenaline... And it's just so refreshing, and stunning and (never dreamt I'd say this last year...) fun? But I've still got to wait three weeks for that luxury, so in the meantime, I'm hoping week two will be slightly more successful in the exercise department!

Use the library 
I have started and I am loving it. I went back to the library this week and took one book back. I decided it just wasn't my cup of tea... If I'm honest, I find most creative play books pretty dull these days... They seem to come up with the same ideas all the time, and there's nothing I can't find on Pinterest for  free (there's a challenge for anyone looking to write a book!) But besides that I am thoroughly enjoying Roald Dahl's biography. I devoured his autobiography "Boy" in my early teens, and have read it year after year to my Year 6 classes who ALWAYS enjoy the mixture of fun and gore! But to read his biography is fascinating as it gives an insight into how others saw the creative genius that was Roald Dahl as well. I am loving the combination of creativity, good old storytelling, and Norway!

So there you have it. One week in, and I've begun to make a dent at least... Only nine weeks to go!

The question is, how are you all getting on?!

Link up below, or if you're not a blogger, just leave a comment, and then click on the other links and leave a message of encouragement and "Keep going, you can do it!" with them too.

It's all about the accountability and encouragement people!

Lets go #GetGoodSummer !


  1. It sounds like you've made a good start. Well done with the exercise even if it's not quite what you wanted to do, it's still good. I haven't even been able to start my running yet as I've hurt my foot :(
    I like the sound of that book.

  2. So I haven't even started drawing my list up yet but for me, mentally, summer doesn't start until the kids break up. I will be putting together my list over the next few weeks and joining in :)

  3. Well done on getting things done. The Roald Dahl book sounds great!

  4. Your safari party pinterest board looks amazing, can't wait to see the actual party! The Roald Dahl book sounds really interesting too. Might have to look out for that one x

  5. Well done on your productive week! Barn dancing sounds like a fun way to get into shape :-) look forward to hearing nore over the weeks, esp about the party and photo wall!

  6. Sounds like you are off to a great start! The plans for the safari party look fab so far - love Pinterest for this kind of thing! :) xx


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