Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Last night I put the finishing touches on Ava's Schultuete; now it is hidden away, ready to be revealed to her tomorrow morning as she gets ready to head through the school gates for the first time to Nursery class.

But I know tomorrow I'll probably be far too emotional to even think about sharing pictures of Ava's first day, so I thought I'd give you a little sneak preview now...

Just don't tell Ava, OK?!

It's amazing what you can do with card, material, crepe paper, thread and a bit of double sided sticky tape!

Ava's Schultuete contains...
* Pencils
* Rubbers
* Stickers
* Raisins
* Sweeties
* Little pack of tissues
(Thank you £ shop - grand total: £3!)

Can't wait to see her little face in the morning... at the same time, don't want tomorrow to come!

Anyone else an emotional rollercoaster with all this school starting stuff?!


  1. Lovely! I'm sure she'll love it!
    Yes very emotional..... Soooooo happy the 9(!!!!!!!) weeks of schoolholidays are over ;-)

    Big Kiss to the little schoolgirl at your end

    XXX Catrin

  2. Wow! Well done you, it looks great x

  3. It is middle mans last day at home today. I was less creative and gave him a teenage mutant hero turtle mask

  4. Can tell you now you will never be ready for the moment of handimg them over!! Will bring tissues tomorrow ;-) x

  5. Ava will love it! Good job she has only three letters in her name, in this way you save time when you do the sowing!!!


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