Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sisters in September...

As of tomorrow, these sisters will not see so very much of each other as they have these past 18 months, because tomorrow my big girl will step through those school gates and join Nursery class... away from me and little sister for the very first time.

I know it's time. But I just had to bottle up these memories of just the three of us together and take one last adventure with my girlies.

And so yesterday we headed out to one of my favourite local haunts... and I stepped back and just watched these little sisters together (and took a "few" photos)... and I realised, suddenly, that I am no longer playing the "middle man" in their relationship... in many ways, I'm out of the loop. They have their own little friendship now... their own little jokes, and their special little thing going on.

I'm quite happy about that.

So here are just a few precious memories of our last day as a little threesome, enjoying the freedom of no school routine, or early starts or timetables.

Just us. Being together. Enjoying each other.

Siblings in September.

dear beautiful


  1. What a gorgeous spot to go to for a last adventure before nursery starts! It is really special when they start forming a proper relationship that doesn't include you isn't it - I can see it in my girls and I'm looking forward to watching it develop with their brother in the years to come.

  2. I love the idea of one last adventure, we did that on the last day of the summer hols here too and it was magical. Roll on the weekends ey? I love that last photo especially - holding hands, concentrating on walking so much x

  3. Great idea for a last adventure together at the end of summer - special memories captured in lovely photos.

  4. These are gorgeous photos. I find more and more that I'm not required when Meg and Eli play and although it's hard sometimes it's also equally lovely that they are building their own friendship together.

  5. Oh these photos are just so cute! I really must take more of my 3 together like this.

  6. Beautiful photos Claire. x

  7. Gorgeous photos of your girls together. What a lovely relaxed afternoon. I do hope Nursery class has started well for your big girl. Thank you for sharing your afternoon on country Kids


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