Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My little Lingusts... Loving Librileo!

As a trilingual family (more on that here), getting hold of quality, current books in our home languages can be a challenge... I often wish there was such a thing as a local children's languages library... Perhaps there's a business idea for one day, when I'm not running riot around two little people! For now, however, its a distant dream! Our usual strategy for getting foreign language resources is to take an empty suitcase whenever we travel to one of our language countries, so we can come home laden with books and DVDs that are at the right stage for our girls.

But then, just before the summer holidays, a lovely little email landed in my inbox. A company called Librileo had stumbled across our little blog and wanted to work with us to spread the news about their business!

I am SO excited about this little venture!

Librileo is a Children's Book Box Company, based in Berlin, which was set up exactly for families like us! Families who want their children to have access to excellent reading resources at the right age and stage, but for whom its more of a challenge.

Within a few weeks, a gorgeous little package arrived on our doorstop... Beautifully packed and containing some lovely new native German books, all based around the theme of Autumn and the Forest (which as you all know is my favourite time of year!) They had picked out books which were educationally appropriate for my children's reading (or in my case, not reading) stage and offer different Book Boxes from 0 right through to 8 years old.

To say my girls were thrilled is an understatement.

The books follow a monthly theme, and every month, you receive a new set. The company ships worldwide, so really, wherever you are - Germany or otherwise - if you're a German speaker, you can benefit from these gorgeous children's books!

And perhaps most exciting of all, they wanted to run a giveaway on my blog! Which means one of you can win a book box for your own little linguists just by leaving a comment on the bottom of this blog!

Perhaps the best person to convince you, though, is my three-year-old, Ava...

Here's what she has to say about Librileo's fabulous books!

Good Luck!

* The Giveaway is open to participants worldwide *
* The Giveaway will close at midnight on Tuesday 14th October 2014 *
* The winner will be announced on Friday 17th October 2014 *
* The winner will have 2 weeks to respond to receive their prize, if I do not hear from them by Friday 31st October, they will forfeit the prize to somebody else *
* Librileo will send the prize directly to the winner *


  1. Oh what a great idea! Our library has quite a big foreign language section that Kitty is quite obsessed with, she keeps trying to bring home We're Going on a Bear Hunt in Polish and we've currently got Angelina Ballerina in French on the basis that it's the only other language where I could tell them what's happening!!

  2. Klingt toll! Wir sind gerne dabei!

  3. This sounds great!

    Da Versuch ich natürlich mein Glück - das wäre die perfekte Überraschung für den nahenden Geburtstag!
    Und die Bücher sehen wirklich total nett aus.

    Ich verlink dein Give away auch gleich noch bei mir auf dem Blog!

    Liebe Grüße Catrin

  4. Ja danke, ich mache gerne mit :)

  5. What a brilliant idea! Our little family is home in 3 countries, Ireland, Germany and the UK, and it can sometimes be quite challenging to make our little ones feel confident with all the different customs and languages. I always tell them that they are my little "superheroes" because they speak 2 languages fluently and they are at home in 3 countries :-) It has helped my oldest one (aged 4) to settle in school and I am sure it will help my little one (aged 2) next year when she starts nursery.

    It is great to hear about other people's experience and I love the idea that at the end of the day, there will at least be one happy child enjoying some great books. It is really hard to get children's books from other countries and we always bring back a big bag from our trips to Germany and Ireland, similar to you, Clarina :-)

    Thanks for making this possible!

    Liebe Grüße

  6. That's such a lovely idea! :-)

  7. Such a fabulous idea! What better way to get to know a language as well as the culture it belongs to by reading such a beautiful selection of books and all age-appropriate to top it off! I'll certainly be investigating this for our son who we began speaking in German to just a few months ago - he is pretty keen to learn especially as we will be going there next Summer! So it's a big thumbs up from Mummy Burton ;) Xx

  8. Great idea! your little kids look adorable :)

    Cathy Vargas
    Vintage Girls


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