Thursday, 11 December 2014

Advent Day 11: How to really give this Christmas... Savouring the Season

If there's one thing I really want my girls to grasp about Christmas at this young age... its that Christmas is all about giving. Its about the greatest gift ever given, and its about taking every opportunity to give in the light of that.

Which is why we were so excited about our little adventure yesterday.

You see, after a bit of prompting from those cheeky Kindness Elves of ours, we stocked up on dry goods at Sainsbury's and headed to our local Food Bank.

Food Bank is a nationwide community project which provides emergency food supplies to people experiencing crisis in the UK... it could be an unexpected bill for people on a low income, or a sudden redundancy. Either way, the project relies on the local community to provide food to stock their shelves. You can find out exactly how it works here.

So yesterday afternoon, that is exactly what we did. We did some shelf snacking, with the aid of our elves of course!

There were two little girls in their element!

First job, weighing the food...
Next stop: Stacking the shelves!
Last stop: Devouring the chocolate coins the Kindness Elves left for us!
Foodbank is just one of the many ways we can teach our children about giving this year... really giving. The kind of giving where you don't get anything back, other than the joy of the act itself.

To find out where your local foodbank is, just check out their website.

And let's do some real giving this Christmas :-)

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  1. That is such an important message. We took food to the food bank this week too from our elf's suggestion.

  2. Good job, girls! Xx

  3. Such a lovely thing to do. Sorry, bit late linking up!


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