Monday, 5 January 2015

Icey Days with my Little Ladies...

I had to have a little chuckle the other day. At around 3pm Ava came down in a panic and said wide-eyed... "Mama! We haven't had our fresh air today yet!"

I did have a little giggle to myself. I am a cosy home person. In the winter months, I'm quite a fan of hibernating away in my warm little house, and its something I wish was different. I LOVE the outdoors, when I can persuade myself to get out there, I never have any regrets at all, and I'm determined that my children won't end up like their hermit mother!

So over the holidays I have made a concerted effort to ensure that the girls have "fresh air" time every day. For Heidi, this is easy... she is like her Father and likes nothing more than a good old walk in the great outdoors. She would plod up and down the garden quite happily for ages. Ava is less easily persuaded. She'd often choose the warmth of the indoors over the blustery cold adventure of outside. But in this one comment, I realised with a jolt, that my big girl had been won over!

And so the girls have been making the most of their winter gear (although on this particular occasion, Heidi wasn't the happiest bunny... but if she will refuse to wear her gloves!!) ... and yes, they have at times braved the cold in snowsuits and snow boots although we've not seen a spot of snow yet.

After all... when its frosty enough to take your toy owl sledging on an old pizza box tied with a bit of string, then it's definitely cold enough for a snowsuit!

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  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Gorgeous photos Claire and I have to agree with you. I normally am very much a 'I need to get out' person, even if it's just for an hour or so in the morning. But this winter I have really been enjoying those hibernation days in the house. I love going out for a short while, then the girls and I all get in our pjs and snuggle. I love those winter afternoons! It's lovely to have you joining in with The Ordinary Moments! xx

  2. I am glad that Ava has discovered fresh air is important!!

  3. Hehe - love the owl on the pizza box sledging. Genius! What a cutey in that snowsuit. #countykids

  4. Your daughter is so adorable wearing those glasses! Parts of me wants to stay home and parts of me misses walking outside =) #countrykids

  5. I love the sledging teddy, such a wonderful idea, things like this made from nothing at all can be hours of fun. A lovely Country Kids post with super photos


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