Saturday 3 January 2015


Every year I say I don't believe in New Years Resolutions...

Every year I say I'm just setting myself up for failure...

Every year I think; "just get on and get into good habits and forget the whole resolution thing"...

And yet every year I find myself setting them. There is something about setting a goal that means even if you know there's no chance you'll meet it, there's a good chance you'll get a lot further along with it than you would have if you hadn't set any goals at all...

So anyway... five goals I decided to set for myself this year... bearing in mind this year could be fairly eventful with the impending arrival of number three in June... I have tried to be realistic (perhaps with the exception of one! But hey... no point in not making them a bit challenging at least, right?!)

1. Learn to Crochet...
I began learning to crochet about eight years ago on a trip back to Austria, and then life got in the way... and I remember thinking at the time, "this is actually not that difficult" so why is it every time I consider it I run a mile!? This year, I'd like to learn to crochet, because I just think so many gorgeous things are crocheted, and two of my very best friends are inspiring me with their wonderful crocheted creations (you know who you are!) and so I'm gonna give it a whack... wish me luck!

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2. Get to know our Neighbours
One of the things we really loved this Christmas was getting to know our neighbours a little bit more. A couple of weeks before Christmas, the girls and I (with some encouragement from our Kindness Elves) headed out down the street with a tonne of wrapped up cookies and some invitations to our Carol Service. We've been in this house 4 years now, and have got to know our neighbours on each side, but it was so lovely to meet others on our street and get to know them a bit. These past couple of weeks its been so lovely to pop out to the shops and have a chat on the way there, or say a quick hello while putting the rubbish out. This year, we'd really like to get to know our neighbours a bit better and get a bit of street community going... top tips on neighbourhood ideas welcome!

3. Back to Basics
As a Christian, reading the bible and having time to pray are really important to me. In the past, I've always set aside 20 minutes to half an hour or so in the morning just to "spend time with God", but since having children, my routine has had to change somewhat... disturbed nights and early rising has meant the prospect and often the possibility of getting up before the children has been beyond me. So I used the girls nap time as my quiet space. But there is something about first thing in the morning that you just can't beat. This past few months, I have realised that we have hit a stage with the girls where actually, a slightly earlier start for me is not only possible, but also beneficial. A couple of weeks before the Christmas holidays, I started getting up at the same time as Dave, an hour before the girls wake up (or at least an hour before they appear from their room - thank you Gro-clock!), and spending half an hour or so with God, getting up, showered and dressed, and it was unbelievable what a difference it made to the day... I was up and ready, literally and spiritually, before the girls, and I just found it really refreshing to return to that old habit. Over the Christmas holidays its totally gone to pot, so my resolution is to rise early and spend time with God this year (or at least until June when the broken nights return...!)

My Journalling Bible is still one of my favourite things ever...

4. Read Authors A-Z
I've become a real fan of the library this year (largely thanks to #GetGoodSummer) and it was while browsing the shelves on my last trip their that I had an idea that I thought would be pretty fun to try out this year. So my aim is to read 26 books this year... by authors A-Z, so currently I'm drawing up a list of all the books I want to read anyway (and seeing what letters I'll get covered that way) and then hopefully I'll get to know some fabulous new authors too... it should be fun, and I'm excited about setting myself a little bit of a challenge... it means I need to read my way through a book every two weeks.

5. Be wise with my time

I've had to learn a hard lesson this December... a lesson I wrote about here. And a new year is always a good time for a fresh start. I am not very good at saying no to things, and I like to be involved in everything... but at the same time there is nothing I love more than quiet days at home with my family. So this year I'm hoping to strike more of a balance... that way I can enjoy the things I am involved in more, because I'm not over-committing and stretching myself too thin.

That's the plan.

In terms of the blog, I am holding it with a looser hand this year. I'd got to a bit of a place where I was feeling pressure (self-made) to blog every day and come up with something new and interesting to say. And that's actually not what this space is all about. My break from it in Norway in the summer reminded me its not about stats, or how many pageviews or comments I get. I write this blog because its a record of our life, its an outlet for my writing, and its an opportunity to share what life as a wife, Mama and Jesus follower is all about - with all its faults and flaws. So you may not see me every day, but you can be sure, when I do write something, it'll be done because I actually want to say it/share it/discuss it... rather than because its nearly my bed time and I've suddenly realised in a panic I've got nothing scheduled for the morning...

So there you have it... my 2015 resolutions... of course, I'm sure that lots of unplanned adventures and opportunities will happen, and I'm pretty sure that I won't tick the box on every one of these either... but I'm going to give it a go!

What are your New Years Resolutions this year?


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    1. Maybe you can help teach me when you come over next week Magni!

  2. excellent ideas here hun which even if you take a few steps towards will give you so much...mine are: read a book a month, run a 5k, get back to my pre babies weight...again may not completely achieve but a small step towards would be amazing! looking forward to sharing another year with you and yours ♡

    1. You too lovely Kirsty! Maybe we can give each other some book recommendations!

  3. I love these resolutions, I think they're very un-resolutiony (is that a word?), and I'm very curious to see who you come up with for your authors A-Z - it sounds like a wonderful way to expand beyond the old favourites - I wonder whether it would work for children's authors too?

  4. Well said Claire. Ideas for us all x


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