Saturday, 31 January 2015

Me and Mine: January

The photo is grainy, the light bad, the angle off centre... and yet this photo captures January for us. A month of snuggling up indoors with the heating on and a good book...

Outside we have had every type of weather under the sun thrown at us (although the promised snow remains elusive! No fear... we are off back to Norway next week and will soon put that to rights!) and the girls have enjoyed trudging up and down the garden in icey winter sunshine, beavering away in their Huette while the rain pours, and braving gusty winds. We have not let it stop us getting outside, but somehow, in the evening, all you want to do is cuddle up together as darkness closes in.

Our bedtime routine remains the same all year round, and yet there is something extra special about it in these wintry months. The girls are keen to clamber into warm beds, snuggle up for their bedtime bible story, gulping down warm milk before they say their prayers. There is something of the desire to hibernate in them. And rousing Ava from her slumber in the morning for Nursery school has been no small feat.

And so this picture, with all its technical faults and flaws, captures a very real everyday moment for us. All gathered together on Ava's bed, reading a couple of stories, praying together and enjoying those last minute bedtime cuddles before lights go out and glow in the dark stars shine bright in chubby little hands. Those precious moments before Mama's lullabies are silenced and little voices call out their last good nights.

A very ordinary, yet very precious, Me and Mine in January.

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  1. Love your January family captures here. What a great moment to capture. We love reading time together in our house too. I love that kids use their imagination so much when they are little. Lovely #meandmine

  2. Those ordinary, unposed moments are the best - they show who your family REALLY are. I love this picture.

  3. Lovely photograph of your family. My son loves a storybook with his Daddy before bed, its a priceless moment #meandmine

  4. My boy has become obsessed with dear zoo. He even takes it out and tries to read it to people. I think the early reading and enjoying books really pays off. Olivia isn't even half way through reception and is already a 1b reader x

  5. How precious these bedtime stories! And special prayertime! x x x

  6. Grainy it may be but a perfect capture of family life. Gorgeous.

  7. Sometimes, all the technical stuff just doesn't matter, when you get to capture a lovely and real-life moment like this. Just lovely! Thanks so much for linking up with Me and Mine. x

  8. Oh it's a really beautiful shot - it doesn't matter that it's grainy because it's happened that makes it perfect!


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