Wednesday, 28 January 2015

This Little Lady...

It dawned on me the other day... how precious this time is. I have four months now with my little lady as my baby. Four months before suddenly she'll join her sister in the realm of "big girl"... four months until one one one time with this girly will be harder to come by.

It's not long.

I remember well having the exact same realisation about my time with Ava before Heidi arrived. The same guilty feeling of having to share your time with another little person. But I have seen so clearly the bond that those two girls have and know that Ava's life has been so enriched by the existence of her little sister.

And I know Heidi's little life will be just as enriched by this little sibling as it has been by her big one. But that doesn't change the fact that these few months are a special little season for making the most of quiet mornings with this little girl.

I get daily time with my big girl. While Heidi naps for a couple of hours, Ava has an hour of "quiet time" in her bedroom in which she plays independently. But then she joins me for the second hour and we have us time. Lots of story books, lots of cutting and sticking and chatting. It's lovely.

And I know I'll hopefully get that time with Heidi next year. Ava will be at school full days. And HOPEFULLY this baby will fall into the same routine the girls did (wishful thinking?!) and that quiet time hour/Mama hour will become Heidi's pattern.

She is a delight to be around. She is feisty, determined and stubborn... at the same time sensitive and sweet and such a giggle. And so yesterday, when we found ourselves at a loose end while Ava was at nursery, Heidi and I headed to the local garden centre to visit the fish, mosey around the shop, and tuck in to a half-price cooked breakfast (thanks for the tip Caroline).

I would say she loved it, but I'll be honest and admit, we loved it.

Just having time to chat to this one... I couldn't believe we had got to the stage where we can sit and eat breakfast and chat. Her telling me how many aeroplanes she can see out the window, and what bit of her breakfast she likes best... that Papa's at work and Ava's at school and how when she's finished she'd like to go and find the Elsa and Anna books (again!) How has my baby got to this stage?

It was precious just to sit and drink up time with her. We have fairly busy mornings, and on the mornings we're at home, she will often amuse herself and follow me around while I get on with errands and chores around the house (more on that another time!) but it was wonderful to make the time to just BE with her... get an insight into her little world... and enjoy having a giggle with this baby girl growing ever bigger.

I'm going to make the most of these four months.


  1. Such a gorgeous post Claire and I remember thinking the exact same thing when I had LL. I like you, don't get a lot of one on one time with her. We have a similar routine in that both girls nap but Mads has a shorter one, so I get an hour of snuggle time with her (it's our TV time) while LL sleeps later. But the only time I really get with LL is on a Friday morning. We put Mads in nursery an extra morning, firstly to get ready for school and secondly so I could have a bit of time with my littlest lady. It's lovely and I relish it. I am sure Heidi will be just as wonderful a sister as her big sister is. xx

  2. She is so gorgeous and such a character. Love her xx

  3. Ah this brought a lump to my throat Claire, so many memories! Seasons change so quickly in motherhood don't they? You really do have to make the most of every special moment. My middle one has a similar temperament and sometimes was so difficult to be around (and still is!) but on her own, she is such fun and really great to be around.....having one on one time every now and again helps me to remember that :)

  4. She is beautiful Claire. I adore all your photos here! Enjoy every second of your four months and beyond. I think the middle child always holds a special wee place in their Mama's heart - while everyone else fusses over the eldest and the youngest, it's up to the Mamas to fuss over the middle one! :) xxx


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