Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Siblings in February

We  are in Norway now... making the most of the snow and all it has to offer. These two little siblings have been in their element - one confident, giggling, off on her skis, the other more cautious, nervous and wanting lots of cuddles!

But when it comes to the snow, there is one thing both girls have loved without shadow of a doubt... snowman building. All those viewings of "Frozen" calling for the making of an Olaf!

And so these little siblings, together with the help of Mama and Bestamor, shared a special sister moment making their very own Olaf. Ava giving Heidi the reassurance and direction she needed. I do love watching their little friendship.

Little sisters in February...


  1. Lovely girls and Olaf!!

  2. Ah of course, with all that snow you have to have an Olaf - my girls will be terribly jealous! And just look at Ava's face, it says it all - gorgeous photo and a wonderful moment :)

  3. What a brilliant photo, how excited does Ava look!

  4. What a face! Love it! I'm most envious of your snow based fun!


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