Monday, 23 February 2015

Ski slopes, fjords and lots of snow!

We had a wonderful two weeks in Norway... the girls revelled in the snow, and we were blessed with milder weather while we were there. For the most part, the sun shone, protecting us from icey paths, but leaving enough snow everywhere to do lots of skiing, sledging and build a grand total of 3 "Olafs".

Here's a little of what we got up to...

Building Olaf the 1st with two crazy excited girls!

Admiring sunsets over the fjord...

Cute moments with our little ladies...

Precious time with grandparents...

My little Ski-bunny! Learning to ski with her Papa!

Exploring the beautiful, snowy outdoors!
We had so much fun... Ava adored the snow. She set off on her cross-country skis like a pro and didn't want any help. She tried out slalom skiing with Papa, loved whizzing down the slopes on her sledge and rolled around in the white stuff like nobody's business!

Heidi was not so sure... she was pretty nervous in the snow and was happiest looking on while seated on Mama's lap. She was happy in her sledge, but sometimes even that got a bit too much... However, we discovered our little lady is a total water-baby. We went swimming twice while we were there, and she absolutely loved it!

It was lovely to see our little ladies developing interests and enjoyment for different things!
I was unable to ski this year, due to the impending arrival of Bubba the third, but enjoyed watching my little family loving the snow! Swimming was fun, and I had great fun browsing my favourite Scandinavian style in some of my favourite shops and lovely friends homes... and coming home to recreate my own little Norwegian corner here in London!

It was a great break, lovely to see more of a country we fall more in love with every time we visit, lovely to spend time with dear family and friends, lovely to experience a bit of "real winter" and lovely to absorb, soak and appreciate all that beautiful nature.

But I won't deny it was a little bit lovely to return to some greenery...

... I think Spring is just around the corner!!

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. We went to Norway last year but on a cruise in May so we didnt get to see the snow. Loved your pictures and the one with the girls in pink snow suits is my fave lol . Nice and cheerful for a dull monday morning

  2. You all look like you're having the time of your lives on the slopes there, apart from Heidi. It's great that you've found out she's got a real liking for water though, that's something that you can carry on doing in this country easily! I love that you built olaf's instead of snowmen, cute. Popping over from Magic Moments, looking forward to seeing it on Country Kids too!

  3. Aww love the keep calm its almost summer! Cant wait for that =P

    Lovely trip. Like you its nice to see your kids showing interest in different things like water and snow. These differences made them unique. I love your photos. Everything looks so pretty with snow! #magicmoments

  4. What an amazing time you've all had. Such precious memories captured beautifully

  5. aww so pleased you had such a lovely time! you captured some stunning shots of your trip away!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  6. Gorgeous. Makes me want to go there! x

  7. Vakkert! :-)

  8. Oh Claire what absolutely stunning photos- it looks such a beautiful place, I would love to visit one day. And I love the photo of them with the snowman- or Olaf should I say! xx

  9. It looks like you had such a great time, such stunning photos. I'd love to visit one day, even just for all that wonderful snow!

  10. Your girls are gorgeous Claire! I love their little snowsuits and all the skiing pictures. Perfect wintery scenes! Also obsessed with all this Scandanavian homeware. I'd be in heaven!! Xx

  11. What beautiful photos! I would love to visit Norway. Looks like you had so much fun. #magicmoments


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