Thursday, 30 April 2015

Book Nooks, World War II and Being Called Up... Little Loves Week 18

Another little week has flown by, and I can't believe I'm writing this post already... isn't it mad how time flies amongst the mayhem of term time? I'm not going to lie... I'm so looking forward to those long summer holiday days...

But enough wishful thinking, here's what we've been up to!


We've all been hard at word reading this week... this girly was discovered on the window sill last week reading one of her "Brambley Hedge" books (don't worry... the window was locked!)... those books still melt my heart. We also had major breakthrough this week as she's suddenly, out of the blue, seemed to gain the ability to read! Only CVC words (for you teachers out there) but I was blown away. Apparently  they've started sounding out words in Nursery, and suddenly its all just clicked. Such a special moment!

I have been powering my way through my "H" author for #authorsatoz ready for the linky tomorrow... "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand has been fabulous... gripping, exciting... and best of all - a true story! Join in if you fancy a bit of a reading challenge this year!


Photo courtesy of BBC1
OH MY! Who didn't watch Poldark last Sunday?! I had tears pouring down my face (trying to hold it all together as I was watching with the hub and my father-in-law - I did NOT want to sob!)... it was fabulous, devastating, dramatic and wonderful all at once. My favourite line?
"Just pray I don't lose the love of my life..." That told Elizabeth!
I can't believe we have to wait and wait and wait now for the next series!

But that's not all the drama we've been getting around here... We also keep getting these little "shows" at the moment. Performances by Ava and Heidi... normally involving singing, storytelling and general silliness. They love it... and I'm not going to lie, I quite enjoy it too!

Our girls chattering in bed. These light nights are NOT helping them off to sleep at night. We really need to get that black-out blind reinstalled... anyone else have this problem with room-sharing siblings in the summertime?!


A project afternoon for Ava. She's been asking loads of questions about her great-grandparents recently, and mixed with the build-up to the VE-day celebrations next Friday, I thought it would be fun to spend the day looking back. Old photos, memorabilia, a 1940s snack, my grandmother's memory book and a few other bits and bobs. She was fascinated! It was really fun to share a bit of family history with her, and see her drinking it all in. Even Heidi joined the fun when she came down from her nap! I'll do a proper post on this next week, so watch this space!

I'm delving through my drawers to try and stop wearing the same maternity outfits on repeat for the last 5 weeks... my daughters, meanwhile, are discovering the joy of coming up with their own style...

... its proving at times to be interesting!

And lastly...
To make this week ultra interesting, I got called up for Jury Service on Monday, with the plan to begin 18 days after little one's arrival. I think not. So I now have to plough through a tonne of paperwork - something I could've really done without at 35 weeks pregnant. But hey, ho - it keeps things interesting, doesn't it?

I've also started packing my hospital bag... gathering together these teeny tiny outfits in yellow, green and grey... more on that on the blog next week!

So there you have it - our little week. Not without its eventfulness... but plenty of those lovely ordinary moments that make up my day to day!

How's your week been?



  1. I love this picture of Ava sitting on the window sill with this big book and the beautiful skirt, she looks so grown up! Please get this photo in your calender for Christmas! x

  2. What a lovely week...I'm amazed at Ava's sounding and blending - those penny drop moments are wonderful. Long may her love of reading continue :) all the best with that paperwork, have a great weekend xx

  3. I feel like I have truly missed out on the whole Poldark malarkey, might have to go back and catch up with it all.

    Loving that pic of little lady reading, far too cute. Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Hmmm I've seen so much hype about Poldark and now I'm wondering if I'm missing out.

    It's lovely when little ones love to read isn't it? :)

    Have a great weekend xx

  5. Cutest ever baby outfits! Oh Claire, you're making me so broody!! :) And well done little Ava on the reading - that's amazing! Xx

  6. Oddly enough, I received a call for jury service this week. I'm meant to report for duty mid June but we're going to be on holiday so I've had to defer too. Brambley Hedge? That was a flashback to my childhood. I adored the notepads and pencils. It's taken me right back to drawing on the floor of the living room in our old house. Such nice memories x

  7. Aww well done Ava! I love your family history afternoon - my Dad holds our family archive and I've had so much fun dipping back into it for my remembrance day posts. I hope you manage to defer jury service - I've never been called and for years I wasn't eligible as a lawyer so I've got a degree of professional curiosity about seeing it from the other side - though from all my colleagues who've gone apparently you have to declare you're a qualified lawyer and everyone says they'd rather not have you!!

  8. Oh my god I was in floods of tears at poldark I loved it. I agree with that being the best line and then demelza saying has she come to take you away-never!, 💕 sob!
    What a fab idea to look back at your family's lives-I'd love to do a family tree one day xx

  9. I'm only a small bit jealous that you are having a baby soon (it's prob hormonal as my baby boy is only 6 days old!), but I loved being pregnant, so enjoy your last few weeks of having a bump. Love the family history afternoon project, lovely idea. Have a great week xxx

  10. Well done Ava, that's fantastic! E isn't very interested in all that, she's learnt to write her name and I fear she thinks that's all she really needs to do, haha!
    Oh that last episode of Poldark was such a weepy, wasn't it?
    Hope you're having a lovely week xx

  11. How cute is your little girl sat reading her book? So sweet.
    Exciting times packing your hospital bag, although like you say you could do without worrying about Jury duty at 35 weeks pregnant. xxx


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