Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Me and Mine in April

I was super organised with my #meandmine photos this month. So organised, that I actually took them in the first week of April. I guess I was fed up of the last minute rush on the 29th... but I'm glad to say the sunshine has remained for most of this month, and we all look pretty much the same... my bump is perhaps slightly bigger!

Crazy to think that we only have one more #meandmine shot before we become a five... and with baby due at the start of June, its even possible that this April shot could be our last one as a foursome (though I doubt it, I'm not one of the lucky few who's babies come a few days early! What can I say? It's obviously comfy in there!)

April has been a month of sunshine, springtime and giggly girls. We LOVE being out in the garden, and I have spent many afternoons pottering in the kitchen, watching my little ladies engrossed in some make-believe game on the lawn outside. It has been the first springtime since we had children that I've not had to watch them like a hawk, and I'm making the most of it...

We'll be back to square one in just a few weeks!

Dave was off at the beginning of April for his Easter holidays and it was perfect. Lovely weather, having my little family all together, the usual routine out the window. It's lovely for a couple of weeks, but I always do find I'm ready for that return to normality.

I cope best with routine... and so do the girls.

So these next couple of months could be an adjustment for all of us... nothing like having a baby to throw your routine to the wind. I guess I'm wishfully hoping that somehow number three will just "fit in"

We'll see.

For now, here we are. Me and Mine. In April.

dear beautiful


  1. Lovely pics. I am never organised enough to do them- keep saying I will... X

  2. Beautiful pictures and lovely family. x

  3. Aww they're lovely lovely pictures - and the thought that this could be the last Me and Mine for you as a four makes it seem like that baby is coming awfully soon! Though as I too like to grow my babies for a nice long time I can sympathise - when Pip arrived I'd just about got to the point of deciding to take August's photo as a four I was so certain he didn't want to make an appearance in time!

  4. What gorgeous pics Claire. I'm so excited for you all! Your photos and tales remind me so much of us 11 years ago. How old will Ava be when you have no. 3? My eldest was 4 years and 4 months and my middle one was 2 years and 10 months. Hard work but I think he/she will slot in just beautifully :) x

  5. Oh I love these photos and all matching and gorgeous. Your little ones are SOOO adorable. I love matchy matchy with my little one too. Looks like not long left until you all are a family of five. How very exciting. Best of luck hunny. #meandmine

  6. Beautiful photos of you all enjoying time out in the garden - hope all goes well when the new baby arrives!

  7. Lovely photo, and how exciting it is about baby coming! I remember the feeling so well when my third was coming! x


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