Monday, 13 April 2015

Give me the clear blue sky...

"Give me the clear blue sky above my head, 
and the green turf beneath my feet, 
a winding road before me, 
and a three hours' march to dinner..."
- Henry Hazlitt -

Friday. Our last full day in holiday mode. The sun poured down and plans were afoot to visit a little village not too far away for a bite to eat, some duck feeding and a country jaunt. When there's a clear blue sky, there is nothing like a country walk

So off we set on our little adventure, accompanied by Auntie, Uncle and little cousin!

After a yummy lunch at our favourite little restaurant, we ambled down country lanes, crossed plenty of kissing gates, spotted sheep and horses, clambered up woody hills and out at the bottom to a pretty little church with plenty of history to take in.

Some of us were glad for an opportunity to sit down after all that walking!

Of course, there was no shortage of cheekiness...

...and shattered little girls on the way home! Both of them conked out within minutes of leaving, cuddled up with Coco Affe and Simba the lion.

Just one of those perfect, sunshiny days that memories are made of...


  1. What beautiful photos....Looks like such a lovely day x

  2. A sleeping child in the back of the car is usually a sign of a very good day out I always think :-)

  3. What a wonderful looking family day, a little sunshine makes all the difference #MagicMoments

  4. Those definitely are the best kind of days- sunshine, family and happy times. xx

  5. Such gorgeous photos Claire! This post reminds me of the village in Goodnight Mister Tom - have you read it? It's the gorgeous duck and the sunshine and the little church i think! ☺ Such happy pictures - they've brightened my morning! Xx

  6. The weather lately is really perfect for walks outside! I miss your linky! #magicmoments

  7. Aww bless - they do look worn out in the best possible way!!


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