Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Getting ready...

The countdown has well and truly begun now...

"How long, Mama?"
"About 3 more weeks..."
"Three more sleeps and then our baby's coming?"

Not quite my precious big girl...

We are all getting ready in different ways. For Dave, its the practical. The trips up and down to the attic to retrieve the newborn clothes, the Moses Basket, the car seat (those last two he's still got to get...)

For me its the emotional preparation. Ths may be my third baby, but it will only be my second labour. It feels very unknown... And it seems probable that it will be a different experience again to the previous two. 

Water birth? Check.
Caesarian Section? Check.

"Why not try an epidural this time?" my Consutant joked... We all laughed. 

At home I am savouring up time with the girls, feeling that bittersweet realisation that life will never quite be the same again. It will be amazing... better... more rich...but not the same. I am soaking in that sweet Heidi-scent as our little girl nuzzles into my neck. as I sing to her at bedtime, cuddling up tight with my big girl as we pour over Milly-Molly-Mandy books every evening.

For Ava, the whole pregnancy has been fascinating. We sat on the sofa this afternoon, her little hands laying gently across my tummy as she giggled as her baby brother or sister wriggled around inside, chatting away in her special little voice that she uses for babies about how much she's looking forward to meeting him/her, about how much she loves it already, about how she's going to be its big sister and always look after it, about how it's nearly, nearly, time for him/her to come out now, but that he or she just needs to wait a little bit longer.

These are the moments that tell me that however manic these next few months will be, with three under four and all at home, we will survive... And hopefully thrive...

Heidi girl is taking it all in her stride... One moment with a very serious face, taking in the whole responsibility of being a "big girl"... She is having to climb the stairs herself, get herself in and out of her cot, and realise that Mama just can't carry her any more... And the next moment, she is hugging that bump like there's no tomorrow. This arrival will be a steep learning curve for her, and already I'm praying for wisdom to help her charter the choppy waters of big sisterhood. I want her to feel secure, cherished and loved, and I'm figuring out how we do that so that she is able to care for this little one with the same affection and gentleness that her big sister has showered upon her.

So gradually we are getting ready... The bag is packed, the girls are scheming their bedroom arrangements to share with the baby too, and the dollies are getting well practice on.

Bring it on!

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  1. Aw Claire so exciting! Treasure these last few weeks. I bet you are all so incredibly excited! xx

  2. Oh Claire this is so beautiful. I'm really excited for you all! I love your descriptions of the two Big Sisters getting ready to welcome their littlest sibling. They will treasure these words and pictures in years to come. Lovely. x x PS you got my vote ;)


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