Thursday, 14 May 2015

Siblings {May}

Wow... This month of May is flying by fast, and its hard to believe this is most probably our very last siblings shot with just two little sisters in it (unless this baby comes seriously late!)

It just makes this last photo of these two little girlies all the more precious. At the moment life is stable, calm, they fit into each others lives in a happy little world of princesses and baby-dolls and make believe. In many ways they are chalk and cheese, but they are the very best of friends - each others biggest cheerleaders and advocates.

And they are about to embark on one big adventure!

For Ava, its one she's been on before... But has very little memory of. Those early days when Mama is up to her eyeballs in feeding, nappies and washing... But this big girl of mine is so ready for it. She will be a hands on big sister I am sure... My little helper! 

For Heidi, the change will be different. She is used to sharing her Mama... She always has. But she's my cuddly one. Boisterous and cheeky, but sensitive and shy. She thrives on company and cuddles and so I'm planning to work hard to make sure that company and cuddles are not just what she gets from her Papa, Mama and big sister, but also what she gets from this new little bundle too. She is kind and helpful and I have no doubt she will also be hands on... Though I can imagine I'll sometimes be willing her to be a little more hands off!

Either way, I'm sure the dynamic will shift with our new arrival, but I'm hoping that whatever happens, these little girls of mine will carry on being the very best of friends...

Little sisters in May...

dear beautiful 

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  1. They are so sweet. Can't wait to see the new little one. Hope it all goes really well. Blessings to you all xx

  2. Aww such a gorgeous photo for the last of them as a duo! It's going to be an amazing adventure for all of you and I can't wait to see next month's pictures! Threatening the baby bump that was Pip with taking Me and Mine photos without him seemed to do the trick!!

  3. Beautiful photo of lovely sisters. x😀

  4. Lovely photo! I remember these feelings so well! its a wonderful adventure for you all xx

  5. This is a beautiful picture Claire. I can't wait to see next month with them fawning over a newborn. A stunning last shot for these two precious princesses #siblings

  6. such a cute picture of them both. our two adjusted really well when miss t arrived but i think i struggled the most as it felt like i had two separate families for a while (age gap was bigger so they had very differing needs) x #siblings


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